avengers: maria hill

4 Marvel Recs

Agents of SHIELD
Game Over (4057 words) by Matarreyes - Ward, gen
Stream of consciousness fic about Ward between season one and season two. One of the best characterization pieces I've ever read, and it makes me much more okay with some developments in the season premiere. (Be careful if you have triggers - the author chose not to use warnings, and I'm not sure exactly what warnings it needs, but it contains suicide attempts and a lot of generally disturbing content.)

Maria Hill’s Bi-Annual Performance Review (2424 words) by Niobium - Maria Hill, Pepper Potts, Tony Stark
Aw, Maria is an Avenger too.

Chilling With The Hulk (2339 words) by Bouzingo - Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes
I don't share fandom's obsession with Bucky, but I really enjoyed this fic about his quiet understanding with Bruce, who also knows what it's like to be a violent monster with no control over oneself.

The Map (2261 words) by Crazy4Orcas, CloudAtlas - Ensemble gen with background Clint/Natasha
Clint and Natasha keep a map with color coded pins of places they've been injured. The rest of the team tries to figure out what all the pins mean. A fun outsider POV on Clint and Natasha with just the right amount of pathos.

Is it bad that my new favorite method of getting fic is to find people who've bookmarked my stuff on AO3 or Pinboard, and then read the rest of their bookmarks on the assumption that we have common tastes? It works.
I've been using that method of finding fic for quite some time ... It works with the "favourites" on FFN too, although the overall quality of writing on that site makes it a bit more hit or miss.
Aww you rec'd mine and Orca's fic! Thank you! (And I use that method for finding fic too. Found some of the best things that way. Especially gen stuff, which is more boring to search for.)
Matarreyes writes some of the best Ward characterization out there, imo, and I'm always happy when I see her stories recced by other people. This piece fits so seamlessly into canon that it would be downright jarring for me if the show ends up contradicting it in some way.

(I also really love her May POV in "Underwater", though the first few chapters of that story are dark and very hard to read. But worth it.)

I'm gonna check out the Bucky story, which I normally would skip since I'm feeling totally indifferent about Bucky... so when the rec's coming from someone who feels the same way, it's a good guess it'll work for me too.