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Things that are irrational...

Sometimes I feel guilty when I get interested in male characters and write stories about them, especially if they're part of a fandom where the ladies are awesome.
I tried to feel guilty about writing Clint-centric stories in the MCU, even when my stories have Natasha in them. I tried. I really did. And then I stopped. Feeling guilty, that is, not writing... ;-)
Hee! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has those little flashes of guilt...but no, I'm not going to give into them either.
I think a more important point than which gender the character is picked as the focal point or POV, is that it doesn't happen at the expense of the other sex. Gender balance and equality are not zero sum games. I may write more from a male POV in some stories, but never without strong women featuring somewhere -- basically I mainstream equality as a matter of course.
Never feel guilty for liking what you like, whether it's awesome ladies or awesome guys. :D
I know! It is silly, but I've built so much of my writerly identity on writing female characters, so I'm susceptible to feeling like I'm turning my back on my ladies when I write about dudes instead. But you're right -- this is a hobby, it's supposed to be fun, and it can't be about all the social justice all the time.
Heh. I think I feel guilty because I know someone else will appear to write the stories about the privileged white dude, but the awesome ladies won't get the same attention...so it's not necessarily about equality in MY writing, but equality in overall fandom. But yes, fandom is supposed to be fun, and it doesn't have to be about social justice ALL the time.
Eh, I hear you but so long as you are writing stories or being productive in some other fannish way your inspiration to do so shouldn't matter.
Besides, to quote Sarah D. Bunting's awesome meta "If you believe in, support, look fondly on, hope for, and/or work towards equality of the sexes, you are a feminist. Period." There's no such a thing as a "bad" feminist or a correct way to be feminist and we should all try to remember that. ;)
ETA: Besides, I did love On and Off and On Again and The Difference Between a Tool and a Monster almost as much as your Gaila fics or your most recent (and most awesome) Five Acceptable Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning, so think of that: why deprive your loving audience? *g*

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Aw, this comment made my day! It was so nice of you to go back and find links to other stories!

I know it's a silly thing to feel guilty about. The bottom line is to choose characters who are interesting in some way, and it's okay if some of those are dudes.
No, I would never say it's problematic to be interested in male characters, or that I would judge others for being interested in men. It's more that I know other authors will write stories about the dudes, but unfortunately, not as many people write stories about women -- especially women of color or women in supporting roles. Because of that, I generally try to use my writing time to focus on people who might not otherwise be represented. That said, fandom is supposed to be fun, and on a rational level, I recognize that no one can devote all their writing time to social justice causes. Having some variety in the characters I portray is fun!
Definitely understand. I really like Uhura but my major fictional crush is and will always be, it seems, still Spock...
Same here. And when I look at the fandoms I read and write about, I wince, because these aren't fandoms that are focusing on women.

Honestly, for me a lot of it has been sorta drifting where the muse takes me, but I still find it pretty troubling.