vmars: veronica marshmellow

Recs: 3 Veronica Mars, 1 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Normally, I'm all OCD about alphabetizing my rec posts by fandom and sometimes even by author, but today I'm going out of order even though it makes my soul cry a little bit. See, there's this Veronica Mars story that I read ten years ago (seriously! ten years!) All that time, and I've never forgotten it. It's so woven into my head canon that I get confused that it's not actually in the series when I do a rewatch. But I don't just think about it every couple years when I'm re-watching the show; it's one of those things that's burned into my brain and drifts periodically to the surface and I'll think that's some damn fine writing. Anyway, this weekend I decided to see if I could find it again, and through the magic of AO3, I did. But seriously, be careful. This story has all the trigger warnings ever for child abuse and violence and non-con -- and the author writes about those things in an eloquent and haunting way that makes the story even more disturbing.

Family Rituals (1410 words) by Lenore - Logan Echolls, Aaron Echolls
Logan picks out a belt, and Aaron metes out punishment.

And here are a couple more VMars recs...
Surprise (631 words) by Querulousgawks - Wallace/Mac
Wallace realizes Mac is a little bit more than a friend. Short and sweet.

Free at last (1242 words) by Querulousgawks- Logan, Weevil
Weevil's grandmother worked for the Echolls for ten years, so Logan and Weevil sort of grew up together, even if they'd rather not admit it. Weevil knows what kind of person Aaron Echolls was. Content advisory for child abuse.

And now for a Brooklyn Nine-Nine rec, because I'm really ready for that show to be on the air again!

feet are where i landed (1552 words) by 40millionyears- Gina/various, Jake
A fun and insightful character study of Gina through all the eight (and half!) times she's been engaged. I liked how this story kept Gina's wackiness intact while still respecting her as a real human being.
My son is currently watching VMars. He's on the second season. It is interesting to watch Veronica go back and forth between Logan and Duncan. Logan was certainly volatile and not the sanest choice in those days, but gosh, I never liked Duncan.

It's amazing how much Logan had pulled himself together by the movie. I guess the armed forces discipline really worked for him. Straightforward rules, straightforward consequences, and risking your life is part of the job. Interesting guy.

Yeah, I never really cared for Duncan either. He's nice to the point of being bland, and I'm glad they got rid of him, even though the circumstances were needlessly bizarre.

I think the Navy was really good for Logan. I imagine he probably joined as a way to do yet another ill-advised, extreme sort of thing and then found that the combo of order, discipline, and adrenaline worked for him. I'd also like to imagine that he went to some therapy somewhere in there...