vmars: Veronica epic

A long time a go, we used to be friends...

You know how I didn't have anything to write a week ago, and I was upset about that? I found 754 words about Logan Echolls in my docs folder, so I added to them. Now I have 9,564 words about Logan Echolls, and I don't feel finished yet. Oops. Am I supposed to be working on a Marvel bang? And why did I not write an epic Logan story five months ago, when everyone was still excited about the VMars movie? Oh, right, because I was busy planning a wedding.

Because I am unhealthy and obsessive, I spent most of last night googling for high-res screen caps of Logan in uniform, and then googling for what all the ribbons and insignias on his uniform mean.

    Things I Have Learned
  • The wings on Logan's uniform do not match Navy pilot wings exactly, but that's probably what they are, so when the lawyer dude references Logan signing up to fly fighter jets over Afghanistan, that's probably true.

  • Logan won a medal for bravery, but it's the kind that's given to enlisted men in non-combat situations. That has a couple implications: one, Logan did not join the Navy as an officer candidate and two, he did something heroic before becoming a pilot. I'm currently shopping for heroic things enlisted non-combatant people can do. I was going for something involving a shipboard fire, but those are difficult to research.

  • Logan is definitely a participant in the Global War on Terror because he has that exact ribbon. This is actually not very informative because pretty much everyone everywhere in the Navy is currently involved in the Global War on Terror.

  • The rest of the ribbons didn't come up on the ribbon checking website I was using, but they look a lot like the Afghanistan and Iraq ones.

  • Logan is a Lieutenant, which is a kind of officer, so he did go to officer training school of some kind.

  • Landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier is really, really hard. How to land on an aircraft carrier is well-documented on a surprising variety of websites.

  • Fighter jets need to refuel in midair a whole lot, and this is also very difficult. Refueling procedures are not as well-documented, if you were wondering.

  • If you google for enough Navy-related things, google will start adding the word Navy to everything in your search suggestions, and also Navy recruitment ads will show up on your facebook.

So anyway, that's how I've used my weekend. What have you guys been up to?