August writing round-up, aka prompt fests are my crack

Agents of SHIELD
Coach Class - Melinda May
The worst thing about the fall of SHIELD is that Melinda May has to travel on commercial aircraft. In coach class.

Because You'll Always Be Hurt - Leo Fitz/Gemma Simmons (unrequited), Gemma Simmons/Antoine Tripp
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are different people. One of them can take a risk, and the other can't.

Junk Food and Dirty Socks: A Love Story - Clint/Natasha
Clint and Natasha show their love in unusual ways.

The Time Machine - Clint/Natasha, Tony Stark
When Clint and Natasha are sent back in time to Natasha's childhood, they must choose between maintaining the timeline and saving young Natasha from Red Room.

The Idiot's Guide to Dating Russian Assassins - Clint/Natasha, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Melinda May, Phil Coulson
Four different people try to help Clint understand that Natasha wants to be more than friends. He doesn't listen to any of them.