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I miss having lots of LJ comms...

You know how sometimes you're hungry, and you open the fridge and all the cabinets over and over again, but there's nothing you want to eat? That's how I feel about writing right now. I have this nice long weekend, plenty of free time, but I've filled all the prompts I can at be_compromised, my Big Bang draft is finished, and there's just nothing else to do.

Thanks to a few friending memes, my flist is a lot more active than it used to be, but I miss having busy comms and shared fannish spaces full of prompts and fests and events. I went looking for a Guardians of the Galaxy comm in hopes of finding a comment fic meme, but there isn't one. I mean, there is actually not a comm on LJ. Nobody made one. How sad!

It made me wonder how a girl ought to promote her stories these days. I used to post them in my comms, and they'd get hits. Now it seems like even popular comms are quieter and quieter, and I'm not sure how to publicize them anymore.

You can prompt me if you like. No promises though, and no Clint/Natasha.
Hm...I'm such a genfic and vanilla fangirl that kink memes rarely have anything for me. I need a genfic kink meme! Thank you for the links though.

*contemplates your prompt* I could see that going somewhere fun!
If there's overlap from avengerkink, then the gotg kinkmeme will probably have a bunch of gen prompts -- avengerkink always seems to. MCU isn't a particularly kinky fandom, by my standards at least!
I don't think anyone's written Darcy & Sam meeting yet. :D You have to think it'd be the flirtiest first meeting in the history of existence. If, y'know, you were interested in writing that.
Yeah, I have great ideas for comms, but never the time to actually promote and run them. If you made one, I'd totally join it though! And yeah, I agree about tumblr not being a community. Occasionally I see little challenges go past my reading list, but it's not like tumblr really even gives me a good way to save the info, and I have to remember to check the tag to browse the stories.

Thank you for the prompts! That first one looks intriguing!
FWIW there are two GotG kink memes: one is gotg-kink.livejournal and the other is guardian-kink.livejournal. Currently they are more requests than fills, but still, fun to go look. :)
I'm such a genfic and vanilla oriented fangirl that there's rarely anything at kink memes for me, unfortunately. Thank you for the links though!
Haha, for me, that prompt would totally be genfic but still fun to write. Archetypal American heroes unite!
And Jack Harkness could actually plausibly meet Peter Quill, what with the whole immortality thing and all...
BOO on you finishing your BigBang. I had to beg indulgence because while I'm at 12k+, it's probably only about 2/3 there ... (I add a lot in the editing process.)

I put my stuff out on avengers_2k, avengersblend and be_compromised, the latter because pretty much all I write is Clint/Natasha (sniff! about you not wanting prompts for that anymore, although I can almost see your point right now ...). There's also a clint_hawkeye comm. I have no ideas whether I get hits out of those extra postings, though, since no one ever comments on them (except on be_compromised) -- I don't even know who's there. It's a bit like shouting into the void. Plus, I've just started tumblring and find it a bit of a time suck, so am not there much and only have 47 followers....

I think I get a lot of my hits out of author subscriptions on Ao3 and FFN, and when someone recs one of my stories (I usually have no idea who or where, but one of my stories just got some 1,000 extra hits in the last week, huh?).

But here's a prompt: "Peter Quill and Gamora walk into a bar. On Earth."

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I think I mostly get my hits from AO3 subscriptions these days too. I used to be able to see the hit count go up when I posted to an LJ comm, but that doesn't seem to happen so much anymore. And yeah, somebody must be reccing stuff somewhere because I randomly had a story shoot up to 7500 views a couple weeks ago...

I like that prompt! I shall contemplate it and see what comes out!
Are you promoting them on tumblr? That seems not a bad place for that sort of thing, since you can tag it according to your target group.

(As for prompts... if you're open to the idea of Ward being redeemable, I'm practically starved for Shield mission fic set in the future, in which Ward and some member(s) of his former team are forced to work together and work through their... issues.)
I do post them on tumblr sometimes, but it's really not my favorite interface wtih fandom...I should try harder though, since it seems like that's where fandom is going these days.

Wow! That is an intriguing prompt. I do think Ward can be redeemed, though I think it's most likely in the distant future rather than the next season future. I like the idea of them having to work together though...maybe if they were all stranded in the tundra, like if he'd chased them out there, but they'd all had an accident... This could be really interesting!