Orange is the New Black

Just finished season 2! My favorite thing about the show is that I sympathize with (almost) all the characters. Every time I've made up my mind to hate them, the show does something to make them seem fallible and human and understandable, and even deserving of compassion. And how awesome is it to see a show about women? Yes, there are male characters who have story lines, but the real conflicts and issues are all about the ladies. Not just white ladies. Not just skinny ladies. Not just young ladies. All the ladies, all episode, every episode.

1. V is the only character I couldn't sympathize with, although I certainly sympathized with everyone who was drawn into her web. You want to like her, but she has no redeeming virtues of any kind. Getting run over at the moment of her escape was an excellent end.

2. Can I just watch the Taystee and Poussey show every episode? I love them together so much. I still haven't completely forgiven Taystee for her betrayal, but I think Poussey just loves her THAT much, and she's not a hard woman. And go Poussey - standing up to V scared the shit out of her, but she was the only person in the whole prison who was never sucked in by her bullshit.

3. Piper is a pretty annoying character. I think it's because of how privileged she is. Most of the other characters' conflicts are about survival, and hers are all about love and self-discovery.

4. I wish Polly and Larry weren't in the show. I don't care that they're together, and I think they probably deserve each other, but they are not nearly as interesting as anyone inside the prison. They don't deserve the screen time. Actually, I feel like the show is hanging onto Piper and Polly and Larry because that's the premise they started with, but it really wants to be an ensemble drama about the interesting women in prison.

5. I don't blame Piper for being obsessed with Alex. If I got to fuck someone that hot, I'd probably never stop thinking about them either.

Also, have I mentioned how much I love back stories? And how this season is at least 50% back story for random minor characters I never thought about last season? It's like someone read my dear author letters and made me a show.
Hm, that sounds quite interesting. I saw some mentions of the show lately but yours is the first that actually makes me eager to check it out.
Totally agreed on all points especially Piper. I think she was a bit more likable this season than she was last season but overall she is my least favourite character. I hope in season three they make it even less about Piper although I heard Alex is supposed to be in every episode next season (which yay but that likely also means more Piper).
Def agree about Polly and Larry, although Jason Biggs seems quite sweet and talks very charmingly about how everyone except, like, him and his mom are Team Alex (including his wife). And yeah, Piper is the least interesting character by far, but this season had a lot less of her, which I think was always the plan, and her storylines at least this season were about confronting privilege, which I appreciated.

Poussey and Taystee forever. Samira Wiley is so cute and so hot at the same time it's insane and Danielle Brooks is one of the best actresses on a show of really good actresses. I forgave Taystee for going back to V just because of the extent of her need for a family/mother figure. I never sympathized with V but I did think she was incredibly believable as a real person, even though she was an irredeemable villain, which I really appreciated.