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What are you reading Wednesday

The book I just quit on: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. I did exactly what I promised myself I wasn't going to do -- hate a book, try to force myself to finish it, then go three months without reading because I felt too guilty about not being able to finish. Anyway, the book contains two parallel stories. One is about an American woman who finds a Japanese girl's diary washed up on a beach, and the other is about the Japanese girl who wrote the diary. The girl's section is fabulous, and the American woman's section is deathly boring. The book is pretty acclaimed and it seems like most people like it, so it may be worth trying if you are more disciplined than I am.

The book I just started: Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe. Honestly, this book is stupid and vain, like a lot of books written by celebrities. Rob Lowe thinks he has many Very Deep Insights which are actually not deep at all. That said, I needed something vapid and entertaining just to get me reading again, and this book definitely fulfills that purpose.
I'm currently reading The Unlikely Ones. It's been on my shelf for ages and ages but for some reason I never picked it up (I think I thought from the blurb it was YA) (not that I don't like YA, I just haven't been in the mood for it). So two night ago I was browsing the shelves -- you know, like you do -- and I thought, "Huh, well, what about this?" And wow is it fun!

Just finished: Breaking Point, also excellent. First James Gunn I've read, now I want ALL THE BOOKS.