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May Writing Round-Up

So apparently I haven't made any public posts in 3 weeks? Yikes! I guess that's what the end of the school year/having a wedding will do to you. Anyway, here is my much-belated May fic round-up. These stories were all posted in May, which is not quite the same thing as saying they were all written in May.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Matchmaker, Matchmaker (The Gay Yenta Remix) - Ray Holt/Kevin Cozner, Rosa Diaz/Amy Santiago
Unresolved sexual tension impedes workplace efficiency. Captain Holt is going to do something about it.

Harry Potter
Bad Seed (The Dragons Teeth Ate My Baby Remix) - Luna, Neville
Luna would never tell Neville to plant something dangerous in his garden...would she?

Dating Older Men and Other Adventures in Growing Up - Bruce Banner/Darcy Lewis
Bruce Banner is financially solvent, has good listening skills, and he doesn't leave dirty dishes out long enough to grown sentient mold. Darcy Lewis thinks he's a pretty big upgrade over her previous boyfriends. Of course, Bruce doesn't see things that way.

Star Trek
They Say It's Your Birthday (The Five by Five Remix) - McCoy, Scotty, Chapel/Gaila
On the Enterprise, simple things aren't always easy, like keeping your away team safe from sex pollen, having lunch with your girlfriend, or talking to your daughter on her birthday.