avengers: hulk

Introvert torture week

Quick heads up: I'm not cutting for Cap 2 spoilers anymore. I'm pretty sure my whole flist has seen it, but if you're living under a rock, you may want to take me off your watch list for awhile.

I have something to do every single night this week from Tuesday until Saturday. They are all work functions, so there's absolutely no way to get out of them. On top of that, my students have decided the end of the year is the ideal time for academic dishonesty. I've caught two students plagiarizing, one of whom cussed me out, and someone else forged paperwork to get in-school suspension so that he could evade a big project deadline. Today was so bad I had to give myself a sticker as a reward for getting through the day.

On the plus side, I feel like I can finally talk about my marvel_bang without jinxing it. Since I've had such bad luck with big bangs in the past, I've been trying to take fannishliss's advice and sneak up on it. AND I HAVE 5,000 WORDS. Yes, that's right. My marvel_bang is half done.

It's a Bruce/Darcy story, a halfway sort of sequel to Dating Older Men and Other Adventures in Growing Up. I'm using that story as the starting point for what their relationship is like, but writing in a canon-compliant universe. Darcy still works at SHIELD, and Bruce visits from time to time to use their labs and share research...which means that they're both in the building the day HYDRA activates. Naturally, HYDRA would like a Hulk of their own, so when they capture Bruce, Darcy goes undercover as the most awesome administrative assistant they've ever had to try and get him free. Also, I think Maria and Pepper are going to help with the rescue attempt because girl saves boy highly competent women saving a helpless man is my absolute favorite literary kink.

What are you guys up to? Fun weekend plans? Exciting progress on your stories? Bored and want to leave me a comment of some kind?
*waves* I'm going to see Cap2 one more time, maybe taking one of my small roommates out, and hopefully work on a story involving either fellatio or cunnillingus.
Oh my word, that DOES sound like torture. Good luck! One day at a time (and other platitudes)

Yay! Congrats on hitting the half way point. Sound like you've got a great story planned! :)

Tomorrow I'm driving up to my sister and brother-in-law's to watch our nephew. So my weekend excitement is basically chasing after a 9-month-old and praying I'm up to the task. I'm exhausted-- physically and emotionally due to a variety of things including a lack of sleep and previously discussed work stuff. So I am also working on that whole one foot in front of the other, one day at a time-- heck, one HOUR at a time-- thing.

I'm so amazed that you're getting so much writing done so close to your wedding! I was a complete fail with that, too wrapped up in stuff, I guess. So I'm super impressed. I guess it's also a good outlet, so it makes sense.
Sympathies on the work function front. Had two Official Lunches this week, followed by a dinner tonight....

Jealous of your Marvel_bang progress. I'm about 1,300 words in, but the last time I set out to write 10,000 words for MB, I ended up with 35,000, so ... eep. It's like I got the opening paragraph done!! Yours sounds like fun! I'm doing a sequel to my Avengers/Bond crossover, Second Mouse, in which James Bond learns (post-New York and pre-Greenwich) what it means to handle some truly bizarre shit and Clint Barton deals with not being super in the Age of Miracles. I'm truly lucky in that my artist from "Mouse", inkvoices, has agreed to a joint sign-up. So I'm motivated, now all I need is time...