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Remix Reveals

Remix reveals are up! I have to say, readership seemed really slow at Remix this year. Maybe because the reveals happened late on Sunday? Or maybe my stories weren't in the fandoms that got the most readers.

Anyway, here's the remix I wrote for the main challenge. I'm pretty happy with it. The original piece is an adorable, fluffy story about Luna giving Neville some rare seeds to plant in his garden. I switched the POV for half the story, and also changed the tone to make it a creepy story in which Luna (mostly unknowingly) gives Neville some evil plants.

Bad Seed (The Dragons Teeth Ate My Baby Remix) - Neville, Luna
Luna would never tell Neville to plant something dangerous in his garden...would she?

The second remix I wrote was for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the original story, Holt sends Rosa and Amy undercover in a lesbian club, where they ultimately get together. I changed it so that it's told from Holt's point of view, and getting Amy and Rosa together is his master plan all along.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (The Gay Yenta Remix) - Ray Holt/Kevin Cozner, Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz, Jake Peralta, Gina Linetti
Unresolved sexual tension is an impediment to workplace efficiency. Captain Holt is going to do something about it.

My third remix is the one I was least happy with, probably because I bit off more than I could chew. thistlerose had written this adorable piece where McCoy is an ass, and Scotty figures out it's because he didn't get to call his daughter on his birthday. I had this idea that I would make five interconnected scenes, each one picking up where the other left off, to show how everyone on the Enterprise had a terrible day and their friends got them through it. For reference, this is not an idea you can pull off in three days. I almost didn't post it, but I figured that thistlerose would rather have a gift than not have a gift. It's not actually a bad story; it's just not what I wanted it to be.

They Say It's Your Birthday (The Five by Five Remix) - McCoy, Scotty, Joanna McCoy, Gaila/Chapel
Sometimes simple things aren't easy on the Enterprise, like protecting your away team from sex pollen, having lunch with your girlfriend, or talking to your daughter on her birthday.
Tags: !fic: brooklyn nine-nine, !fic: harry potter, !fic: star trek

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