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MCU Fic: Dating Older Men and Other Adventures in Growing Up (Bruce/Darcy)

Title: Dating Older Men and Other Adventures in Growing Up
Rating: Teen
Characters & Pairings: Bruce Banner/Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster, Thor, Natasha Romanov
Summary: Bruce Banner is financially solvent, has good listening skills, and he doesn't leave dirty dishes out long enough to grown sentient mold. Darcy Lewis thinks he's a pretty big upgrade over her previous boyfriends. Of course, Bruce doesn't see things that way. Based on a prompt redbrunja left so long ago she probably forgot it.
Notes: Remember when Avengers was a brand new movie and stories about the Avengers coming back together after the battle and being one big happy family were all the rage? Yeah, that's when I started this story. It's not canon compliant for Thor 2, and it was completely, totally jossed by Cap 2, but there was no way I was rewriting 9000 damn words. Consider it an homage to the era before Cap 2 broke our hearts.
Word count: 9K
Now that you mention it... I actually do remember that prompt! Hee! This fic exceeded my wildest hopes!