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Writers Block Ficlets: Gaila, Sulu, Kirk, Amanda, and Pike

I got bored and answered the writer's block question for Reboot characters.

Has a stranger ever bought you a drink at a bar? And have you ever bought a drink for someone you didn't know?

Only every day that ends with Y. She used to send them back to the bar with an angry flash in her eye and "I buy my own drinks, thank you." Receiving drinks made her feel like men were trying to buy her, no matter how many times Nyota told her it was a friendly custom. More importantly, she'd been bought more times than she could count, and once she was free to buy things instead, she'd reveled in paying for as much as she could. Drinking was an expensive hobby though -- especially considering how much human alcohol an Orion girl needed to get a good buzz going -- and Gaila had always been a practical girl. Soon she began celebrating her freedom by accepting drinks from everyone and accepting sex only from the best looking ones.

Jim's been buying girls drinks since he was fifteen. He doesn't actually have a fake ID, but he knows a place where the bartenders don't care so long as he can pay for the booze. Which he can. Going to school's gotten boring, so he shows up for tests (which he aces) and spends the rest of his time doing the hardest physical labor he can. The pay's not bad, and Mom isn't quite pissed enough to actually make him pay rent, so he's got credits to spare for pretty women who'd be mortified to discover they'd been seduced by a fifteen-year-old. Not that he ever tells them. By the time he's twenty, women buy him drinks sometimes too. Not often, but he's learned to appreciate the kind of confidence that lets a woman sidle toward the bar and murmur "his drink's on me" while regarding him with a raised eyebrow and a devilish grin. By the time he's at the Academy, it's become a sort of game -- go to a bar alone and see how many women he can get to buy him a drink. He keeps a tally and never fails to beat the previous night's record. But less than a year into his first command, the game's not fun anymore. These days, he walks into a bar and there's a woman in his lap as soon as he sits down and three or five or ten more around the table, all wanting a piece of the famous James T. Kirk, and offering whatever they think he wants -- booze, drugs, blow jobs, pretty much any substance or sexual act he can name. And maybe he's changed more than he thought because what sounded like every wet dream come true is actually boring and unsatisfying and sometimes just a little gross. Now he spends shore leave drinking on the Enterprise with Bones.

She doesn't know what makes her do it. She's not the sort to hit on strange men in a bar. But she's had four Cardassian sunrises since getting fired from the consulate this afternoon and being escorted off the premises with all her belongings in a cardboard box. Drinking, she'd decided, was the only logical response. So when she orders a drink for the stiff-looking man sipping an orange juice on the other side of the side of the room, she blames it on the alcohol. And his ears.

Sulu doesn't drink at the cadet bars. Instead, he hangs out by the commercial docks with the cargo haulers who first taught him how to fly. It's a rougher crowd, mostly guys, so when a woman sidles in with red hair, red lips, and leather pants like some kind of action hero, he can't help but look. Or stare. Or, you know, be absolutely riveted in a way that is hopefully attractively intense instead of creepy. Problem is, he's not exactly the only one to notice. And he's pretty sure she's way out of his league anyway, but a girl like that...well, a guy has to try. So he sends her a drink with a cocky grin and hopes for the best.

He sees her for the first time on the last night of shore leave on Starbase 21. He's scheduled to ship out as the first officer of the Yorktown tomorrow, and who cares if he's alone? He's having a drink. She's there at the bar, dark hair spilling over her shoulders, the curve of her hips not quite hidden by the uniform tunic. He takes a moment to appreciate the view -- and the quiet confidence it takes to sit there by herself on a Saturday night. He can't put his finger on what, but something about her bearing clearly states that she's alone by choice, not by necessity. He finds that indescribably sexy and buys her a drink before he even gets a good look at her face -- or considers whether a woman choosing to drink alone really wants to the pleasure of his company.

"Are you in the habit of trying to pick up your subordinates, sir?" she snaps and slides the martini straight across the bar and into his hands. The next day, he's mortified to discover she's his new second officer.
No, I went back and edited it into the post. I'm not sure about it growing since I am in ficlet-writing mode at the moment, but of course, you are welcome to make up your own back story. Clerical incompetence? Asshole boss? Inability to keep mouth shut? You be the judge!
I love the Pike/Number One ficlet, and clearly if you are still bored, the remedy is to write more of it.
Alas, I am no longer bored. The kitchen and I were assaulted by a blender full of hot soup, which regrettably distracted me from Pike and Number One. I really would like to write a full-length fic about them one day though.
Well, the kitchen is cleaner than when I started, so I guess that's good. And I burned my arm, but not badly enough to blister. I'll take it as an important lesson regarding blender safety...
It did, and it was good, even though for I regarded it spitefully for awhile, feeling that I did not want to eat it because it fucking betrayed me. But it was tomato soup with homemade chicken stock and lemon rosemary cream, and that deliciousness won out over all the irrational blame I wished to place on it.
Yay! I have been wanting to write something about him getting shot down by Number One for *ages*
Love the Pike one especially. He and Number One are just so intriguing.
Hee! I have been wanting to write something about him getting shot down by her for *ages.* Something full length is brewing, but this one was satisfying for now.
Ahaha, Amanda was my clear favourite. :D But I also loved Pike/Number One. Hehe. I could just imagine his face when he saw who she was the next day. XD Hilarious.
It's funny how many people have commented on Amanda's. It originally wasn't even part of the post, but someone commented and asked me to write it, so I threw it together in, like, 5 minutes and thought nothing of it. I'm glad it worked!
I actually feel kind of sorry for Kirk. And the Amanda one intrigues me mightily. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed them. I have never felt like I had much of an Amanda muse, but I admit I really want to expand that ficlet.
It's funny so many people commented about Amdanda -- she wasn't even originally part of the post, but someone commented and asked me to write one for her, so I threw it together in all of about 5 minutes and thought nothing of it. I'm glad it worked!
I am here because I'm going through your Gaila tag from earliest to most recent, but I had to tell you I like the Amanda one best of these. I SO WANT THAT TO BE HOW THEY MET. <3