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Recs: MCU & Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD
All stories contain spoilers through 1x18, Turn Turn Turn.

follow it through to its logical end (1485 words) by sunshy - Fitz, Simmons
An adorable back story for Fitz and Simmons' friendship. Head canon accepted. (And this one actually doesn't contain spoilers)

Spin, Spin, Spin (1055 words) by plinys - Simmons
A fascinatingly creepy and eerily plausible take on Jemma's character.

unreliable landmarks (4643 words) by someofusare - Ward, Garrett
Everybody needs an origin story. This is Grant's. An eerie and disturbing take on his family and brothers that feeds quite logically into the events of Turn Turn Turn. Probably not recommended if you have triggers for child abuse.

An Education (2620 words) by thinkatory - Tony/Pepper/Natasha
Natasha and Pepper announce they're going to fuck, but it's actually a whole lot more than that. One of the most interesting threesome stories I can remember reading, with sharp insights on Natasha and Tony.

Making a Play (2435 words) by Ralkana - Clint/Coulson, John Garrett
An interesting Agnets of SHIELD crossover in which John Garrett tries to poach Coulson's new specialist, Clint Barton. No spoilers, but the story reads very differently depending on how much Agents of SHIELD you've watched.

Run Until the Road Runs Out (5264 words) by ignipes - Sam, Steve, Natasha
They find the Winter Soldier together, and then they have to figure out what to do with him. Sam is such a great character here - you can really see how his quiet caring and counseling skills might bring Bucky out of his shell.
An Education and Run Until the Road Runs Out were both really great reads, thank you so much for linking :-) I am kind of itching for a sequel to An Education now...
Glad you found something to enjoy!

And yes, I could definitely use a sequel to An Education. It doesn't look like the author writes much MCU though, so we probably shouldn't get our hopes up...