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The AO3 Hits Meme

It is possibly a little pathological that I look forward to this meme for an entire year. And yes, I last did the meme exactly one year ago today.

1. Congratulations on an Excellent Kill
In which Natasha discovers that Hallmark does not in fact make a greeting card for every occasion. 5441 hits.

2. The Pregnancy Scare
Pepper Potts has made it thirty-five years without a pregnancy scare. She's not going to make it to thirty-six. 4746 hits.

3. Someone I Used to Know
Pepper might not talk about home or family much, but that doesn't mean Tony knows nothing about them. 4025 hits.

4. The Right Thing in the Wrong Way
People don't ask Pepper why she sticks with Tony as often as they probably should. If they did, she'd tell them it's because he's never left her alone on the one day she actually needs him. 3875 hits.

5. Six Cities That Are Not Budapest
Natasha and Clint try to figure out what normal people do on vacation, with varying degrees of success. 3659 hits.

6. Six Scenes from the Life of a Bad Ass, Bald Navigation Officer
How Aisha Darwin, aka the awesome bald lady on the bridge, came to Starfleet and pursued command. 3465 hits.

7. Logic Demands That You Take Off That Ridiculous Hat, Get Naked, and Come to Bed
When people ask how Sarek met his wife, he says they exchanged cultural information at a diplomatic event. He does not mention that she beat him at logic (twice), or that afterward, they took off their clothes. 2953 hits.

8. You're Gonna Make It After All
Two indecent exposure citations, one best friend, one amazing sex partner, one unexpected mentor, and a Starfleet-funded study of intercultural sexual norms. Sounds like a normal academic year for Gaila. 2511 hits.

9. Introduction to Western Literature
In the beginning, books and reading are all Natasha has in common with anyone at SHIELD. 2372 hits.

10. Less Is More and Other Lessons in Healthy Adult Relationships
Being in a relationship requires Tony to try out all sorts of new things, like trust and honesty and commitment. None of those are nearly as frightening as the day Pepper dares him not to spend money on her birthday. 2203 hits.

Miscellaneous thoughts: The top four stories are all Tony/Pepper. That makes me really happy, and also makes me want to write more of them. After remix. (Sigh.) I'm really surprised the story about Ensign Darwin climbed so high; it's a story about a completely non-speaking character, after all. I'm happy though! My Star Trek stories are all sinking down further on the list, which makes me a little sad, but it's not surprising -- MCU fandom is very active now, and very much based in AO3. Star Trek obviously just isn't going to have as many readers.