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SHIELD 1 x 18

Again I say unto you: SHIELD is actually good. I continue to be surprised by the sheer amount of material they've fit into the last three episodes. I keep thinking that surely the episode has to be over, and then it turns out that it's actually just time for the next twist. Somehow it doesn't feel rushed either. Good editing!

OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT WARD IS IN THE SECRET BASE. I AM SO WORRIED, YOU GUYS. What will he DO? And how does this show keep managing to do this to me? I was thinking this episode was maybe not as good as last week's episode and now I am all OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT EVERYONE WILL DIE.

My one beef is that this show continues to have some seriously wooden dialogue. It's usually at the beginning when they are trying to cram in exposition for whomever didn't watch last week's episode/the Captain America film, but it still annoys the fuck out of me. I guess writing awesome dialogue is not necessarily genetic. Could we get some Jane Espenson or Marti Noxon up in here please? (But maybe not Joss. Then Fitz or Simmons will die.)

Okay, maybe I have another beef: I don't think Clark Gregg is a very good actor most of the time. Or maybe he's not given dialogue that's easy to act with? I am tired of his pseudo-inspirational speeches. I think he delivers important moments well, like I almost broke when he was breaking about SHIELD. But if it's not some uber-important, emotional moment, he's kind of awkward and bland.

But other than that, I like everything! I am intrigued that Reina is completely, totally unimpressed that Garrett now that she knows he's not actually a clairvoyant. She's all, "oh, you just overthrew an international spy organization? Yawn. I might have somewhere else to be."

I really feel for May. She's got the weight of the world on her shoulders. Here's this person she cares about, whom she thinks might be deeply unstable, yet she still respects him. At the same time, he no longer considers her a friend -- for understandable reasons, because he values loyalty above all else and he views May's behavior as disloyal, even though she was following orders from the man he apparently respects most. She probably even feels disloyal because she respects Coulson, but she knows that her complete trust might do more harm than her doubt. On top of this, there's really no one for her to talk to. Maybe she didn't open up to Ward, but he was still an emotional outlet for her, and he understood her life better than anyone else on board. I don't think she views anyone else as an even remotely acceptable confidant, and I think her assessment might be fair.

Hi Jemma! You're going to be the subject of my next fic. After remix is done. Her character has grown the most since the start of the season. You get the sense that approval is very important to her, and that's why she's always been a very obedient person. She's curious about the world, but not in a way that makes her want to rebel. Skye's shooting was a turning point for her. Her friend almost dies, and then Coulson gives her orders that she finds morally questionable. Her doubt propels her to do things she's never done before, like trusting herself over her superiors. Fitz doesn't want to disobey, but his allegiance to Jemma is so absolute that he'll go along with anything for her. He either doesn't doubt Coulson or doesn't want to entertain those doubts, which is causing a growing gulf between the two.

And poor Fitz -- as much as Jemma is changing, he wants to stay the same. He's grown more independent and resourceful since the first episode, but he's still a creature of routine. He's the guy who wants his special favorite sandwich even when he's camped out in the wilderness on a survival mission. I think he's always assumed that Jemma would be waiting for him, and that they'd just magically get together somehow, without him having to do anything. Now that she seemingly has another romantic interest, he feels scared and betrayed. Or maybe it's bigger than that. Maybe Fitz feels like he doesn't have anyone but Jemma, and Jemma is apparently quite comfortable functioning without him. That asymmetry is terrifying (and really, how much do I know what it's like to feel like you have one indispensable friend, but they have twelve other friends to choose from?) Poor guy. I'm sure that from Jemma's end, nothing has changed between them. From his perspective, everything has.

Did anyone else catch the Colonel saying "you can be on your merry"? Yay, Firefly shout-out!
All of your SHIELD thoughts are my thoughts! And yes I did catch the Firefly, that's my very favorite...okay, second favorite episode. It and Objects in Space battle for first place.

I really felt a lot of meh toward Ward most of the season; uptight, cocky, and bland. I like him way better now that he's uptight, cocky and evil instead.

I really like where this is going!
Indeed AoS lately keeps surprising me by being quite enjoyable to watch. Though I agree the dialogue is generally not very good... *shakes head*
/But if it's not some uber-important, emotional moment, he's kind of awkward and bland./ I noticed that too... *sigh* Still, give him better lines, people!
Yay, Jemma fic! I just can't wait! ^^
/Fitz feels like he doesn't have anyone but Jemma, and Jemma is apparently quite comfortable functioning without him./ - Poor, dear Fitz... ;(
I agree with 90% of your comments. Truly, I've seen Clark Gregg in other things, and he's a fine actor. I think he has some "meh" dialogue in S.H.I.E.L.D., but that scene where he breaks down was heart-breaking.

They really do need to punch up the dialogue. Just because it's an action show doesn't mean it should have throw-away dialogue.