avengers: natasha love

A surfeit of remixes

be_compromised is doing a Clint/Natasha remix exchange. My immediate thought was HELLO REMIX THING I SHALL SIGN UP FOR YOU NOW, but then I made myself hit the back button. Fics for Rare Women and the big remix challenge are both due on the same day, and I feel like I should finish at least one of those before I sign up for something else. Also, I get myself in the most trouble when I sign up for ship-related exchanges; sometimes what I want otu of ship fic is so different from what other people want from ship fic that the two cannot be happily reconciled.

If you want to play, though, you can offer up to five Clint/Natasha fics of any length for remixing.

Status of WIPS, in order of their closeness to completion:

1. Dating Older Men and Other Adventures in Growing up - Darcy/Bruce
Needs one more pass-through before posting. Sadly no longer canon compliant since I didn't get it up before Captain America 2 came out, but maybe people will like to read it as an AU?

2. Sekrit Rare Women Story
Needs two more scenes. Cannot find motivation to write them.

3. Untitled Veronica/Logan story.
Great dialogue. Not much else yet.

4. Remix
I know what I want to do. Actually doing any of it? Not so much.