Gaila/free and unfettered but not at all thoughtless desire

GAILA/SULU most definitely.

Also Spock/Uhura and Amanda/Sarek if pressed. (Possibly because I never read those pairings except for some you've done. I don't really like Vulcans in romance in fic ... I think that's a rather telling thing about my personality! I think I relate too strongly and am almost Vulcan-like myself in many aspects and it's hard for me to read/appreciate? Hits too close to some of my own buttons maybe. I don't know. I actually have this same thing with Hermione--I rarely write her and don't always read a lot of her, because I connect a bit too strongly with parts of her and those aspects are often the ones that are either glossed over, wiped away, or treated as "bad" or a joke. I enjoy stories that keep her IC, prickliness and know-it-all-ness and waspishness and obsessive desire to be useful/helpful/the best and the way she lashes out when she's hurt or feels vulnerable and all. She's got so many traits that are generally viewed as positive (brilliant, cause fighter, justice, emotional maturity, etc.) and it bothers me to read her without the other traits and hurts me when they're played off as her faults. Um, okay-- I've rambled long enough! But point is that I trust you to treat characters fairly and show them as themselves without passing judgment on their traits, good or bad.

In general, I associate you with things like gen, women, adult conversations that maturely discuss emotions and feelings and relationships, and good relationship fic (all relationship types, romantic, family, friends, etc.) where they're complicated and difficult and worth working hard to maintain. More than any specific pairing, that is.