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Remix & March writing round-up

Remix assignments are here! My recipient and I only matched on one fandom, but she has lots of stories to choose from and none with pairings that frighten me. I think I will be okay, but I'm having a mini-freak out about the deadline. Only a month away, and me with a state debate tournament to attend and wedding invitations to address! I'd better pick out a story to remix ASAP.

How do you guys feel about your assignments?

In other news, March was a ridiculously productive month!

With Liberty and Justice for All - Willow, Dawn, Buffy
When a judge rules Oklahoma's gay marriage ban unconstitutional, Willow thinks hell must have frozen over.

The Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead (The Bridge is Love Remix) - Steve/Darcy
Steve's never been good with women. Even a zombie apocalypse won't change that.

Old Souls in a New World - Steve/Natasha
Natasha is Steve's first friend at SHIELD (and okay, maybe he wants a little more than friendship). They're both old souls in different ways.

Veronica Mars
All stories contain movie spoilers.

Five Stages of Grief - Veronica/Piz, Veronica/Logan
It's hard to be in love with someone who is in love with someone else.

The Ones Who Tried to Keep on Living - Gia
They were the guilty ones, the ones who tried to keep on living.

Life Goes On - Veronica/Logan, Keith
Life goes on after the movie. Veronica sends snarky text messages across oceans and tries to avoid talking ot her father about anything that actually matters.

On and Off and On Again - Weevil
Weevil puts his life together and watches it fall apart again.
I haven't actually looked at my assignee's stories yet! And omg, May is A MONTH FROM NOW! *runs around screaming*

BTW, great job on writing!

*resumes running around screaming*
I have two ideas! Now I just need to decide if I want to write the normal one or the crazy one...
Well, I already ordered invitations and bought a fountain pen with which to address them. And I love writing things...

That is a neat site though!
Productive month!

I'm pretty happy with my remix assignment, even though it's in my second choice fandom. But my recipient has written a range of het, slash and gen and likes female characters, and I've got a shortlist of 6 potential stories to I just have to narrow it down! I should get it out of the way soon, because I suspect that the second half of the month is going to be busy for me too.

While I'm here, can I ask a generic remix question? When stories have the (something something remix) added to their titles, is there any rhyme or reason behind it? Or is it just a random association that the author makes with the story, and is just there to make it easily recognisable as a remix story?
OK, that makes sense - and I apologise for this and any potential future questions I may ask regarding remixing. It's my first time, and my first fic exchange in years and I'm feeling insanely nervous about it all.