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Remix is here!

Remix sign-ups are happening! I love remix like other people love yuletide. It's my very own little fannish Christmas in April. If you don't know what remix means, it's basically an opportunity for you to remake someone else's story. You can change the POV, tell it backwards, update it with new canon, tell it from the perspective of a minor character, add zombies -- almost anything you want to do is fair game. At the same time, you get an opportunity to see what happens when another author plays with your story.

To play, you only need to have written 5-7 stories in ONE qualifying fandom. There's a huge list of qualifying fandoms too, so if you're on my flist, chances are you are eligible for the challenge. The nice thing about remix is that it's not a gift exchange. Your remixee has already gotten to do what they want with their story, and now they're handing it to you to do what YOU want. If you always want to participate in exchanges, but you don't want the burden of writing to someone else's tastes, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

Sign-ups close this weekend. I could talk about remix forever, so I'm happy to answer questions or just geek out about remixing!
I'm still trying to decide if I want to sign up for the big remix. I love it (obviously, or I wouldn't be running one of my own), but the stress!

Then again, the dates are not going to coincide with femmeremix, so....
Sometimes I think remix is the least stressful challenge since the story is already there. Coming up with plot is always what takes the longest! But yes, I understand deadlines and stress...
I may regret this decision later, but I did it! I signed up! For the first time ever, I qualify in two fandoms (SPN and MCU), and though I no longer write SPN myself, that's no reason not to let someone else play with my stories. EEP. I AM EXCITE.
That looks fascinating, but as I only write HP fic, I don't know that signing up would be a wise thing to do. So many fandoms!
You only have to offer and request one fandom. So if you only want to sign up to write HP stories, you can! There's tons of people signed up for HP already, so they would definitely be able to match you with someone.
I saw that in the rules, but as I've no idea what the community is like, I assumed that people would find anyone who signed up for a single fandom a bit of an ass limited. I'll think about it. :D
YAY! I think you will enjoy it. I signed up for two or three years when I was only eligible in one fandom, and no one ever complained. Especially since you are in a big fandom like HP, you will be very easy to match.

For a long time I thought you had to qualify in 3-5 fandoms! I'm glad you disabused me of that erroneous notion, because this does look fun. I've never tried something like this before! I'm very seriously considering signing up-- looks like I have until Sunday. The only other fest I have during that time is rare women, so I should be okay, I think. It looks like I would qualify easily for both HP and Trek 2009.

Also, I'm guessing you already plan to do so, but will you please pimp out the femme remix when it gets going. I've peeked over there a few times but I don't follow DW and my tumblr account is a joke and quite dusty. I don't want to miss it!
I think you should go for it! I always find remixes pretty low stress -- of course, everyone hopes their recipient likes the story, but it's not really a gift exchange, so you're really writing the story more for yourself. Also, the plot is handed to you, so it's not as hard to finish the story as if you were starting from scratch. I always find that if all else fails, I can just retell the story from someone else's POV, and I usually come out with an interesting product. I hope you play!

And I will pimp the femme remix so long as sign-ups really happen in May. If they're later, I will probably disappear from LJ and into wedding land!
My flist really needs to stop pimping this, I don't have tiiiiiiime. /whimpers
But it's fuuuuuuuun, and the plot is already there for you to use....

*will never discourage anyone from signing up for remix*