vmars: veronica marshmellow

Recs: Avengers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hunger Games, Sleepy Hollow, and Veronica Mars

How Do I See You (2080 words) by bluflamingo - Tony/Pepper, Natasha/Clint
Pepper gets to know Clint through Natasha.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Bribery Will Get You Everywhere (2941 words) by Marks - Amy/Jake
Jake gets bribed into visiting Amy's family. A sweet Amy/Jake story with realistic character voices.

Hunger Games
To the Victor, The Spoil (13360 words) by Annakovsky - Katniss/Haymitch, Finnick Odair, Cinna
Does that pairing sound disturbing? It should. In this AU, there are no berries. Katniss is the sole victor of the Hunger Games, and she tries to survive Capitol politics with Haymitch and Finnick's help. See the author's notes at the beginning of the story for potential trigger warnings.

Sleepy Hollow
Ten Clicks (2050 words) by hollimichele - Ichabod, Abbie
Ichabod discovers Wikipedia.

Veronica Mars
Three Emails Sent Across Continents (And Possibly Five Text Messages) (1713 words) by Care - Veronica/Logan
Pretty much what it says on the tin. Post-movie follow-up with perfect character voices, minimal angst, and a healthy dose of humor - just what I like in my Logan/Veronica.

How to Breathe Underwater by youcallitwinter - Veronica/Piz, Veronica/Logan
A short and sharp look at the forces that pull Veronica toward Neptune.

Spanning Continents by epops_upupa - Veronica/Logan, R
What I want is for you to stand there, in your effity white uniform with that harvard mouth and show me some fucking courtesy. A sexy and elegant look at Logan's homecoming.
Bookmarking that THG fic so fast because I love the depressing kind of AUs, apparently. Thanks for the rec post!