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Assorted fandom grumpiness

I did a massive friends cut this week - over forty journals I think. It was almost all people I used to speak with regularly who don't update their LJ's anymore. The whole thing made me really sad. I remember what an amazing, vibrant place LJ fandom was when I joined in 2009, and how lucky I felt to be a part of that community. Of course, online friendships are always a bit fragile, but I really did feel like those people were real friends, not LJ friends. Ah well. I think some of them are still out there, reading their flists occasionally, but I've been posting more personal stuff lately, and I like to know that *people* are reading it, not hackers or robots or people who've become strangers.

I'm trying to like tumblr, and it's just not happening. I mean, it's entertaining in a mind-numbing sort of way, but I like long posts, fic fests, comment fic memes... Long posts do happen on tumblr, but I can't see how it would be a platform for a fannish event. I do like that Star Trek AOS fandom still seems to exist there, and I think there may be more content that I would enjoy, but the whole place is so overwhelming I don't know where to find it. I guess I will just camp out here, writing into the void and posting fics on AO3.

You know what else I miss? Rec lists. My patience for randomly clicking on fanfic is exactly nil, so I curated my flist pretty carefully to include authors and reccers whose tastes mesh with mine. Now, other than unfitforsociety, I don't have any active reccers on my flist. AO3 author subscriptions aren't really a viable solution either since I couldn't turn off email notifications for them. I wish there were an AO3 equivalent of an flist that I could browse when I felt like it.

I also had to drop out of wipbigbang...because my story was finished. Weird, right? But most people needed an extension, and the new posting dates conflict with RL obligations, plus I don't want to sit on a finished 9,000 word story for two more months. I feel like this always happens to me -- I'm so OCD I get stuff finished miles before the deadline, or I slave away to meet the deadline, and then there's an extension. At least it's not an exchange, where I would *have* to sit on the finished story for another sixty days.
You know what else I miss? Rec lists. My patience for randomly clicking on fanfic is exactly nil, so I curated my flist pretty carefully to include authors and reccers whose tastes mesh with mine.

Ugh, true.

Crack_impala is supposed to be starting up again; I hope it takes!
I hope that does work out, even though I've never been a part of SPN fandom. My hope is that more people will trickle back to LJ as they start to miss the services LJ provides.
I, too, am nostalgic for the heyday of LJ. I've done some cursory exploration of Twitter, but it doesn't seem to lend itself to conversation in the same way, which makes me sad. I miss real community on LJ; challenges and kink memes and meta and recs and so on.

RE recs: Sherlock has a few thriving outlets for recs on LJ, but none of my other fandoms do, really. I've seen people reccing on Twitter, which I don't use for fannish stuff at all, so.... *shrugs*
Yeah, I've tried twitter for RL purposes, and it just doesn't work for me. I don't think I like social networking platforms where posts are limited to a very brief set of characters.
Thirding the above comments. I miss the LJ fandom. I don't miss LJ itself so much (there's a reason I've mostly moved to DW), but I miss the long, easy-to-follow comment threads and the rec lists and everything. I still prefer reading fic on journals to AO3, even though AO3 is where I get most of my fic these days. I just miss the centralization that LJ had, y'know?
Yeah, I think it's the centralization I miss the most. I do like the format of AO3 for reading fics - it's very clean, and I like that you don't have to split long stories into multiple entries. But for *discussion* I think LJ or DW are much better than anything else out there.
I'm with you. I miss 2009 LJ too! I mean to do more recs, but alas, I haven't lately. Here is one:

A Strange New Story Every Time by gyzym Veronica/Logan but written pre movie. Two grown up workaholic dog lovers meet again by chance in the salad dressing aisle at the Food Emporium in New York City. Both have grown up and dealt with their issues and their pasts. Friendship rekindled, UST, and one of my favorite authors.
Ooh! Thank you for the rec! I'll have to check that out soon. I think I'm going to take my own advice and put up a rec post soon.
I feel like I don't know where fandom is anymore! I get that it's supposed to be on Tumblr, but when I go there it doesn't feel like anyone is actually talking to each other. I felt that way at first on LJ (before LJ my fandoms were all on message boards, which I still think is optimal for fandom), but I've been on Tumblr for a while now and it still doesn't feel like a place you can have a conversation. It makes me really sad.
I think fandom is pretty splintered between LJ, DW, and Tumblr. I don't really understand tumblr as a fannish hub either. I guess it is if you want to trade pictures back and forth, but if you want more than that, it's not really ideal. I contributed to a post about Uhura the other day, and I think it was a pretty neat discussion, but I can't really tell if people are responding to me directly when they repost it. Plus, the format of the discussion threads is just kind of confusing.
Hey, just a note to *wave* and say Man, am I glad someone else gets the not-getting-Tumblr thing. A bunch of my online friends have migrated there, and I like dipping in, but--I don't know, I think I just like text better than pics and such. <3
I like tumblr when I have lots of free time or when I am too exhausted for anything truly interactive, but it's never going to replace LJ. I'm glad to know i'm not the only one!
I think tumblr is a strange place because it seems to me that most people really crave that connection and it's either the set up or awkwardness of commenting or something that kind of keeps it from happening. But I feel like it's there if you really reach for it and I think the more that we all do, the more it will happen. I don't know what LJ was like back in the day but it sounds kind of awesome and probably tumblr will never be that but I've certainly met some awesome folks, though I will admit that it took some time and more effort than I would have thought.
I will admit that it took some time and more effort than I would have thought.

I think that's the catch for me - enough things in my life take time and effort, including writing fanfic. I don't really want my fandom hang out space to require lots of time and effort too.
Ah, I hear you about the change in LJ. It's a different place from what it was in 2009, that's for sure. For me, a lot of it is probably my own changes, too; I'm not as obsessed and excited about my particular fandom as I was a few years ago. This is an inevitable cycle, I know, but still sad.

HP used to have a flourishing rec culture in 2009, 10, 11. . .now it's rare to see anyone rec fest fics (or any fics, really). Another sad thing. I still try to do my reccing bit on my own LJ and on specific rec sites, but it's definitely a fading art.
Yeah, I know what you mean about losing excitement for your own fandom. Star Trek AOS will always be my baby, but you get to a point where you've really said all you can say about it.

I guess I'm being hypocritical since I haven't done a good job posting recs lately either. But I counted on other people's recs to come up with my recs, so it's kind of a vicious cycle...
Like many others here, I so totally hear you. I don't have a Tumblr, even though I read some, because it's just so different from what I like doing online.
Agreed - I like things more organized and substantive than tumblr can provide. It's fun when I have lots of time to burn or I'm too exhausted for true interaction, but it doesn't really represent my favorite things about fandom.
I don't see it as a war so much as a difference of opinion. Tumblr provides a lot of people with what they need, but I'm not one of them. And yes, actual conversations are so important! I contributed to a discussion thread on Tumblr yesterday, which was initially very exciting, but then I realized I had no idea if anyone had responded to what I said...
I just can't tumblr. I'm a written word person. I like images fine but they're not my *life*. There is no point for me on Tumblr. the end.

In happy news, I just joined an Active User Friending Meme and have several new friends who do actually post!

Now I hope I will be a good friend to them, and they to me!

Also, I am watching LJ idol. I've never really understood, and it looks scary, but it is pretty active!
Hi there! I totally confess to not posting anything but still lurking on my LJ flist. I too abandoned my tumblr because other than being a source of pretty photos, I felt like I was shouting into the void. On the other hand, I am surprised at how much I've acclimated to twitter. It's far from ideal as a conversational platform for complex topics, but over the past ~8 months I've developed a nice little group of people to talk with, and even managed to meet up with about 5 of them IRL. So I'm putting twitter in the "win" pile, hah.

But I do miss rec lists like BURNING :(
Interesting! I never realized there was a fannish presence on twitter. I don't use it for RL things, but maybe I would like it better for fandom...

And thanks for stopping by to say hello :)
Yeah, I'm someone else who never updates LJ, but I am still reading my flist. I use LJ/DW for fests and exchanges too, but that's really it. /is part of the problem

I interact a lot on Tumblr and in chat with fandom friends I met on both Tumblr and LJ, but I absolutely agree that getting to that level of interaction takes time and effort. Not necessarily a TON of effort, but consistent effort. Tumblr moves so fast that it's really hard to try and contribute to conversations that are even a few hours old. It's great if you and your friends are all on at the same time (Chris Pine did a thing and now 100 people on my dash are freaking out en masse! It's like a party post!) but when the moment passes it's just...gone, and that's incredibly frustrating. I have a lot of free time right now but that's about to change, and whereas that wouldn't have mattered much in the heyday of LJ it's going to mean my interaction will decline dramatically and that makes me sad.

I will say that I have found a core group of friends there who skew older (like, late 20s/early 30s and up, so Tumblr ancient, haha) and who interact in a more...journal-y way, for lack of a better word. So that has been really satisfying. I like that Tumblr accommodates whatever level of involvement I can give it, although I do think that to get the most out of it as a fandom space it rewards a big time investment that very few people not in high school and college can give.

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I think consistent effort is the stumbling block for me. My work schedule is pretty erratic, and there are times when RL is just so consuming that fandom falls by the wayside. LJ is more accommodating of that than tumblr is.

I did contribute to a discussion of Spock/Uhura, and I enjoyed it a lot...but now that post is just out there in the ether, and it's hard to tell if people have responded to me or to the original poster. Plus, my tumblr does this weird thing where long comment threads get reposted as a link, which really bugs me.
I'm trying to like tumblr, and it's just not happening. I mean, it's entertaining in a mind-numbing sort of way, but I like long posts, fic fests, comment fic memes...

Same :( I'm fine with tumblr for gifs, it makes for another fun platform to visit after an episode has aired, but as a LJ replacement/main fandom hub it just does not work for me at all. I'm so disappointed at newer fandoms like Hannibal being almost exclusively tumblr-based and fanart focused blegh. And if people do write meta on tumblr then I don't even know how you would go about finding it, what with all of the fanart that gets posted on your dashboard, and the same gifs or artwork getting reblogged by half of the fandom. It's just impossible to keep track of everything the way that you used to be able to do with LJ

If I had to generalise it seems to mostly be younger people on tumblr whenever I go there, high school and college ages are the majority of the people that seem to genuinely love tumblr and the frequency of posting there. A lot of the people that migrated from LJ to tumbr will admit that they miss having discussions on LJ and that tumblr isn't an ideal replacement, but sadly it seems to be the case that they don't see the point of sticking around LJ when their flist is dead. I guess that there is a feeling of missing when LJ was the central fandom hub, but people don't know how to get that back, so it's easier to just head to where there is more activity and try and make the best of it
Yeah, I can enjoy tumblr as a supplement, but I don't really understand how it seems to be a lot of people's main fannish hub. I contributed to a discussion thread the other day, and it was something I found really interesting...but now that post is just out there in the ether, and I can't really tell if people have commented to me or just back to the original poster. I'm glad there are still some LJ holdouts left!