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Assorted Veronica Mars Fics

I have been on a bit of a binge, let me tell you. I was so hungry for a fandom that is basically about normal people. MCU is fun, but I've never figured out how to write my favorite kind of stories about the Avengers -- that is, stories about the ordinary emotional conflicts that everyone faces, no matter how extraordinary their situation. The Avengers' back stories are all so wacky it's hard to write anything "normal" about them. Veronica Mars, on the other hand, pushes all my buttons for normal people caught up in extraordinary situations.

So anyway...the first one of these stories is a little longer, and the other two are ficlets. I'm pretty sure more is coming soon. Even though I really need to do something with my spring break other than sit on the couch and write about fictional people.

Here there be movie spoilers, by the way.

Life Goes On
Veronica/Logan, Keith
Life goes on after the movie. Veronica sends snarky text messages across oceans and tries to avoid discussing anything important with her father.

The Ones Who Tried to Keep on Living
Gia, Dick, Cobb, Carrie
They were the guilty ones, the ones who tried to keep on living.
Content advisory: non-graphic references to non-consensual sex.

Five Stages of Grief
Veronica/Piz, Veronica/Logan
It's hard to be in love with someone who's in love with someone else.
I wouldn't say the summaries are spoilery, but yes, the stories are all related to the movie.

I'm really sorry to be difficult, but could you please not call me sweetie? It's kind of one of my pet peeves.
Sorry about that. I was quoting Doctor Who and trying to soften what I was saying, since it's been my experience that some people get pissed off when I ask them not to spoil me for things; I'll remember not to do it again.

The summaries suggest to me that Veronica ends up with Logan; I suspected she would and was hoping she would, but I didn't want to know until I'd seen the movie - which I'm planning on doing today.
It's been ages since I've watched any Dr. Who, so I didn't recognize the reference. Sorry about that! I guess everyone's threshold for spoilers is different; for me, I very rarely feel spoiled by summaries or implied pairings in fanfic since so many people write what they wish for rather than what happens. I am pretty maniacal about tagging things appropriately, so you can blacklist my !fic: vmars tag and my fan: vmars tag to avoid any future issues (or I would understand if you'd rather just remove me from your watch list for a little while).

I hope the movie works out for you tonight. If it's not playing in your area, it's available for sale or rent on iTunes.
Pfft, I'm not that ticked. *g*

I watched the film tonight via Amazon. Five minutes in, I could see it was going to be Logan, but I never saw the third season, so I had no idea what Piz was all about.

I think maybe my experience in the Harry Potter fandom warped me a little, when it comes to spoilers. I've forgotten most of the drama, but the upshot is I try to keep anything related to new canon behind a cut for a month.