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House of Cards

I just finished House of Cards. If you like Game of Thrones, you should certainly be watching this show. It's exactly the same thing, except in DC instead of an ancient fantasy kingdom. There's less full frontal nudity, but more back stabbing. Also, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. That's a tough combination to beat.

1. Doug is dead! Finally, someone from the President's camp gets murdered instead of the other way around.

2. So basically, they've destroyed Rachel, Zoe, Lucas, Janine Skikorsky, the former Vice President, Peter Russo, President Walker, Freddy the BBQ guy, the girl who got raped, various House leaders, and Claire's photography ex. The Underwoods are where nice and beautiful things go to die.

3. I read a review that said no matter how awful Frank is, you can't help but root for him. I disagree. I'm actually watching the show to see him fall. Claire is the one I keep rooting for even though she's poisonous and evil. That scene on the stairs...ouch.

4. Cut out your fucking heart and hand it to him. Hell yes, Claire.

5. Now I understand why my students all rap on tabletops with their knuckles before debate rounds. It makes me vaguely worried for their ethics and integrity, and also the possibility that some of them are leaving trails of bodies.
I've only watched up to ep 6 but I love that series and Claire is my favourite character, too. She is damn scary. Frank kind of bores me with his out loud mental dialogues... Happy to hear there is lots of plot twists in store!
*snort* Love your description: "exactly the same [as Game of Thrones], except in DC instead of an ancient fantasy kingdom..."

Also, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, yes yes yes.