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I'm crying. Sort of. On the inside. I'm never much for actual tears. And it's silly, but I feel like someone just made a movie to tell me that my life is okay. See, I grew up some place small and small minded. People were mean to me, and all I ever wanted to do was leave. And I did. I got a scholarship, I went to New York City, I had internships, I moved to Tokyo and I was supposed to do be "successful." Whatever that means in the eyes of the world. And instead I came home and I became a teacher, which my dad has still never accepted, but it was a thing I had to do. So no, I am not anywhere near as cool as Veronica Mars, and my own crusade for social justice is much, much smaller, but still...I feel like the coolest person in the entire world just validated all my life decisions. Which is stupid and irrational, but there you go.

I don't have much by way of coherent thoughts right now, except that I'm glad Veronica is still a complicated character. I watched with this sick feeling in my stomach because I knew she was going to ditch Piz and his parents, and how absolutely awful that was -- but it was true, and I'm happy she did what made her happy.

I am writing ficlets, and they're all coming out in second person and I don't know why. I hate second person. I've read a lot of second person fics about this movie though, so maybe they are a common affliction in this fandom?

Please visit this awesome this awesome VMars comment fic meme and leave feedback for the lovely stories and better yet, leave some lovely prompts for me to fill.
whoever heard of a game where you win by leaving the ring?

you rock!

V Mars novels are coming next!
OMG! I did not know that about the novels, but I looked them up and Rob Thomas is writing them. Normally, I'm skeptical of tie-in novels, but Rob Thomas wrote one of my favorite YA books ever, so I can't wait for these to come out.