Lady-Centric Remix

Love remix? Wish you always got to remix stories about female characters, and your stories about female characters always got picked for remixing? There is an answer! Well, possibly an answer. theladyscribe is collecting info from potential participants for a lady-centric remix challenge. Go drop her a line and hopefully we can make the challenge happen!
I think this looks really cool and I love the idea! I've never done a remix before though. I've only really written in two fandoms. It sounds like they're talking about making the rules for qualifying a bit broader than traditional remix, which would be great, in my opinion. If the point is to encourage writing about women characters, it seems silly to deny people the opportunity to do so because they don't have enough already written about women. Not that I wouldn't be delighted to remix a fic already about a woman, but I like the idea of maybe remixing fics that are not specifically women-centric INTO women-centric works. I'm not sure how many fandoms will be required. I only have fics in two fandoms right now (though a large number in each of those). I'm working a couple new fandoms, but I certainly wouldn't have material enough to qualify. I'd be happy to write in a lot of those newer-to-me fandoms, though. I'm intrigued to see what the rules will be if-- WHEN-- they host this. Because I doubt I'd qualify under normal remix rules. :/ But we'll see!

I wonder how popular an HP specific remix would be too ... They're a major fest-oriented fandom but remix is definitely not on most of their radar, at least not to my knowledge. It might be fun over there! Many HPers write almost exclusively in HP so most of the more active fans there wouldn't qualify for a typical remix. And it would probably be a lot easier to match! :)
You might qualify! For the lady-centric remix and the big remix challenge too. I know when I did remix the first time, Star Trek was my only qualifying fandom. I think their deal is that if you have enough works in a big fandom, it's okay if you only qualify in one.

I think an HP remix could be fun! I know there's a harry_draco remix already, so it's not completely off people's radars. And yeah, if it's a fandom specific thing, you have a little flexibility on matching people based on characters and ships, not just fandom.
Oh, that's good to know! I have plenty of fic in Star Trek and HP. :)

Haha, I am sure H/D does! They have everything! Sometimes I feel like the H/D section of fandom is its own fandom entirely. I've never really gotten into it myself, though I can see the appeal, I suppose. I don't think I've ever written them (maybe a Drabble long ago, but obviously it's not emblazoned on my memory!) but I will read them every once in a while. I really like some of the fests they put on-- like one specifically about creative careers for them! Fun stuff. But I get bored with the lack of variety in characters. I'm a multishipper at heart.
Hey I wanted to drop you a comment and let you know that I've set up femmeremix on tumblr, as well as on DreamWidth. Also, do you think I should set up a mirror community here or set up an RSS feed? I'm trying not to have things too scattered (want to make sure everyone's getting the same info, after all), but I also want to make sure I'm reaching people.
I think you're good! It's probably smart not to have too many mirror comms, otherwise it's going to get hard to keep track of. Even if you and tielan just post some announcements or links in your personal LJs, I think the signal will get through. I will certainly do my best to help with advertising :)