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Gen Prompt Bingo

Does anyone want to help me brainstorm? School's still out for the snow, so I'd really like to get started, but I'm drawing a blank. I can do Avengers, Buffy, Elementary, Harry Potter, Sleep Hollow, and Sherlock. I'm not in a very Star Trek mood though.

Hurt / Comfort Deities and Followers Snow and Ice Trade Winds Enemies
Give us this day, our daily bread Australia Unreliable Narrator Weather Colombia
Thunder and Lightening It Wasn't Meant to Be Wild Card Woobies Loss of Faith
Heirs Steadfast Behind Every Great Man There's a Great Woman Philippines Je ne regret rien (I regret nothing)
The Pursuit of Happiness Feudal Ties / Master and Servant Self-sufficient Internet / Social Media Indefatiguable

Also, I have this snippet of an HP next gen story (Rose and Scorpius) and I quite like it, but I have no idea what to do with it. If you want to help me brainstorm what the hell this story should be about, I'm all ears.

Scorpius Malfoy pricked his finger on one of the iron spikes lining the gates of Malfoy Manor. The blood dissolved into the ancient metal with a soft sucking sound, but the gate did not open; it simply disappeared. Fairy lights illuminated the long path to the house, and candles flickered in windows that had been darkened for nearly a decade. Scorpius straightened his shoulders and walked toward his birthright.

His companion hung back. "I think it's evil," she said.

Scorpius turned impatiently from his moment of triumph. "It's not evil, Rose. It's mine."

The wind whipped Rose's flaming hair against her face. She shoved it away and looked up at the gray sky. "Everything about this day looks evil. And your house drank your blood."

Actually, the gate had drunk his blood, not the house. But Scorpius knew better than to argue over such technicalities. "Course it did," he said. "How else would it know it's mine?"

Rose was not convinced. She stood just inside the gate, her feet planted firmly in place. Her green and silver scarf fluttered in the wind. "I'm not going inside."

"We bunked off school for nothing then?" Scorpius cajoled, but Rose didn't move. He tried another tactic. "You don't want to see the dungeons? Or talk to Great-great-great Aunt Emony? They kept her chained in the attic, you know, and she made herself a ghost just so she could haunt them."

"That's horrible, Scorpius," Rose said, but he could see her resolve flickering. He knew better than to bring up the real reason why she'd come with him. She wanted to know about the war; they both did. Their families' whispered scraps of information weren't enough.

"Please," Scorpius said finally, because he knew it was the magic word, and because he really did want her there. "I haven't been back since Grandmother died. I don't want to go alone."

"Fine." Rose shivered a little, and Scorpius smirked. "I'm cold, you idiot, not afraid. Let's go inside."

They fell into step together, and Scorpius smiled, his momentary melancholy fading away. "Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley, outcast scions of two great wizarding families, return the home that figures so prominently in both their histories," he narrated. He liked imagining his life as a Daily Prophet society column; so often his headlines came true. This time, though, his imaginings were rudely interrupted by a surprisingly hard punch to his shoulder.

"I am not the outcast scion of my family, thank you very much," Rose said, green eyes flashing. "That would be you."

"Right," Scorpius amended hastily. "Scorpius Malfoy, millionaire playboy, outcast scion of a once-great wizarding family, approaches his ancient birthright with Rose Weasley, whose parents are too disgustingly functional to be disappointed that she's the first of her line to be sorted into Slytherin."

"Much better." Rose nodded approvingly, and they walked on in silence together. Scorpius hadn't meant to be the outcast scion of a once-great wizarding family, but he didn't mind it either. Well, actually, he wasn't an outcast, just an embarrassment, but the story sounded better the other way. More girls -- and boys -- slept with him when he had a sad story to tell. He was embarrassing because he threw lavish parties with Grandmother's inheritance, posed shamelessly for the paparazzi, and didn't bother with all the pureblood nonsense that so enchanted his mother and father. His parents' parties had always been tremendously dull affairs, and Scorpius had no room for boredom in his life; if he had to accepted half-bloods and Muggleborns to have fun, so be it. And now that he had a house of his own, he planned to bring even more ignominy to the family name.

[[Don't forget you have more to write here]]

"This place is evil," Rose said. She was staring hard at the dusty floor, and her mouth was set in a thin, hard line.

"Your mother was tortured here, wasn't she?" Scorpius asked. He didn't see how Rose could know exactly where her mother had been tortured, but he still crossed the room to stand next to her. Together, they stared down at the floor as if they could see the evil in it.

"This isn't an evil place," Scorpius said resolutely. "Evil things happened here" -- and torture was evil, he was sure of it -- "but my home isn't evil. I won't let it be."

Houses weren't good or bad; they were made of what you filled it with, and Scorpius intended to fill it with pride. He would invite all the right people -- well, all the right fun people, anyway -- and the war would become ancient memory, the stains on the Malfoy name erased. People would forgive you almost anything if you showed them a good time.

Rose surveyed the Great Hall doubtfully. Empty of furniture, the vast space echoed ominously. The thick stone walls promised little comfort, and the flickering sconces left most of the room in shadow. No wonder the Dark Lord had been attracted to it; it practically screamed 'evil madman's lair.'
who do you like writing for HP? i can come up with prompts for most of these, but it would work better if i had characters to work with :)
For HP? I'll pretty much write anyone except Death Eaters (Snape is okay, just not all the rest). My favorite thing about the fandom is the multiplicity of characters to choose from.
alright. let's see what I can do...
Maybe one of these will spark something:

"Hurt / Comfort" - Remus & Pomfrey: He expected cold indifference, if not outright disdain. What he got was something else entirely.

"Deities and Followers" - Dumbledore (of course): If deities are made upon the strength of their followers' belief, he should have been a god several times over.

"Snow and Ice" - Sprout: Northern Scotland was not exactly the ideal climate for growing most things, either magical or mundane. She knew most looked down on her, but few had any idea of the depth and breadth of knowledge a good herbologist needed to be successful.

"Trade Winds" - Sirius: He was more the type to go charging in than to run away, but 6 month on a tropical island was probably the best thing that could have happened to him.

"Enemies" - Lily & Petunia: They had always competed, but Lily wasn't sure when it had got so out of hand...

"Give us this day, our daily bread" - House Elves: Granger wasn't the first to try to "help" them, nor would she be the last.

"Thunder and Lightening" - Hagrid: If they knew his greatest fear, they surely would laugh him out of the castle.

"Heirs" - Lily, Hermione or any Muggleborn: Coming to understand the importance of Heirs in the magical world.

"The Pursuit of Happiness" - Founders: Despite what the Sorting Hat would later say, all 4 of them knew the meaning and value of hard work.

Let me know if you want a prompt for any of the others :)
Bloody fucking hell. I wrote out a dozen ideas and stupid thing crashed on when I tried to comment. Ugh. A few in brief because now I'm just cranky.

Deities/followers-- something with Glory. Dealing with life in this dimension, sharing a body with a human, missing home. Her minions-- love, fear, trying to keep her sane. Maybe her through their eyes?

Australia-- more Hermione. How her parents react. Or she can't fix it. I know you did this one before but it's so full of options you could revisit.

Colombia -- Clint and Natasha's first mission together. Figuring each other out.

Heirs-- maybe your Scorpius fic above?

Thunder-- Thor? Maybe Jane doesn't give up. Every thunderstorm fuels her obsession. Maybe Darcy pov?

Something with Sif. Could fit many of these. Earning the respect of her friends, deciding to become a warrior, finding her place or role in their group, determination to impress Thor, getting over him-- unrequited? Anything really.

Behind great man-woman -- Odin and his wife, whose name I can't remember. How she helped him become great. Maybe he used to be like early first movie cocky Thor?
I would vote for (a) Buffy / Unreliable narrator, with the story told by Dark!Willow but you don't know that at first, or (b) Harry Potter / je ne regret rien with Lucius as main character.

"Scorpius Malfoy, millionaire playboy, outcast scion of a once-great wizarding family, approaches his ancient birthright with Rose Weasley, whose parents are too disgustingly functional to be disappointed that she's the first of her line to be sorted into Slytherin."

You are cracking me up. You must finish this! The obvious connection is with Sleeping Beauty, what with the pricking of the finger etc. Since it was Scorpius, it would have to be a gender reversal with him falling asleep and Rose saving him. (Or is that too easy?)
Ooh! Dark Willow or evil vampire Willow could be good...

And thank you so much for the idea on the HP story! I am totally intrigued. I need to think on it, but I can definitely write that.