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This post is obviously full of spoilers.

I still think it's the best show on television, but I could tell they were struggling with how sprawling the books are. I don't think they introduced/explained Jojen Reed very well, and the part with Reek was just baffling. I mean, I'd read the first two books, so I kind of knew it was him, but I kept hoping it was something more interesting -- like, Rob Stark was having Theon tortured, some girl he fucked and discarded was having him tortured, or his father was torturing him to make him tough and/or teach him to follow the rules. Nope! It was just a random psycho who likes to chop off penises. Since I care zero percent what happens to Theon, I don't think those scenes needed to be half that long.

But luckily, I liked most of my favorite characters' storylines. I'd been spoiled for the Red Wedding, so it wasn't too terribly traumatic when it happened. I loved that Arya stabbed that guy, and I loved the Hound's reaction even more -- "Please give me warning before you kill people." I liked the beginning of John's relationship with Ygritte, and also how it ended (some of the cheesy moments in between, less so). It was very, very entertaining to see Cersei Lannister so completely held in check by her father. Tyrion's story line was a bit disappointing, but I suppose that was the point -- he's under his father's thumb again, and next season, I hope he gets to rise up.

I keep catching myself liking/sympathizing with Jaime, and then I have to remind myself he pushed Bran out the window.

I haven't read beyond the first two books, so no spoilers please!

I completely did not see Zoe's death coming. I mean, I probably should have, but... I thought Peter Russo's murder was this sort of unplanned, opportunistic thing, but Zoe's death was pretty clearly premeditated. I mean, why choose a deserted subway platform unless you're planning to push someone onto the tracks? And Claire hears the news story about Zoe's death, and she's just...whatever. Not asking questions about that one. I keep trying to decide if Frank loves her, and I think he does, but like a possession. An interesting possession with some degree of free will, but a possession nonetheless.

The last episode I watched is the one where she talks about being raped in college. So amazing. Everything she says, "In the morning, you'll still feel the hate...and you'll use it...but not against him." I love how she had zero patience with Frank's anger. She's already worked through this shit herself, and she doesn't need to listen to Frank be upset that someone hurt his favorite possession. Sometimes I think Claire is the most interesting person on the whole show.

I am kind of worried for the president's life, no lies.

Uh, can I have those 90 minutes of my life back? Seriously, what was that? A shiny action movie with damsels in distress? Okay, I guess it wasn't horrible - the dynamic between Thor and Loki was interesting. Actually, it's the first time I've found Loki complicated or interesting as a character. (Still not forgivable for anything he's done ever, but at least interesting.) When he was sitting on Odin's throne at the end of the movie, I was (a) not really surprised (b) actually curious about what would happen next...except I know the answer to that question is another shiny, insubstantial action movie.

Of course, it's not surprising that my deal breaker is the treatment of female characters. It's little things -- like, why does Sif have a metal bustier when everyone else gets useful armor that covers their chest? But the big things suck too -- Jane's part is so marginalized. She's supposed to be a scientific genius filled with an ancient weapon, and all she does is wait around for Thor to save her. And please, she quit science because Thor went away and didn't come back? LAME. All the running aorund with scientific equipment at the end of the movie doesn't really make up for that. I wish they would give her a personality, at least. This isn't Jane hate; it's writer hate. It's not good when I have a hard time coming up wiht adjectives to describe a character, or when a supporting player like Darcy somehow upstages every single scene.

The 9K Bruce/Darcy story I finished isn't particularly canon compliant for this movie, but I guess it will just have to be AU. I don't really feel like rewriting it to fit a movie I didn't like.

I want to watch The Americans, but Hulu says it's not available for iPads. Um, seriously? I have to pay extra to use my iPad, but I can't watch everything on it? I call bullshit. Especially after The Americans' ad campaign hooked me by turning my whole precious NY Times Russian for ten seconds.

Is avengers_remix going to open already? I understand waiting for pinch hits, but if things are going to be delayed, I think it's nice to let participants know.
Wow, I didn't know all the behind the scenes stuff that went down on that movie. Yeah, it makes sense that came through on screen. I wonder if Natalie Portman's "creative differences" can be summed up as "I know this movie is a piece of shit." It really is a shame they didn't give her more to do - she's actually a talented actress, and I'm sure if she had a decent line of dialogue ever, she could have manufactured a personality out of it.

Actually, I think characterization might be the problem for the Thor franchise. You have these supporting players, like Darcy, who are actually engaging. You have an antagonist, Loki, who has complicated motives and does unpredictable things. And then there's Thor...who is basically around to be a big blond hero? I've seen that archetype a thousand times before. He's generally supposed to be nice and principled, I guess, but he doesn't ever do anything interesting and surprising.

And yeah, I know what you mean about most people seeming to like the movie. Most of my flist was super excited about it, and I'm kind of confused by that now. And no, no cut scenes for me - that's the bad thing about renting from iTunes. No special features, at least, not that I know about.

The announcement I saw said the collection would open on March 3, but I guess that didn't necessarily mean March 3 for my specific time zone. I'm not the very best at patience...