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February Writing Round-up & Gen Bingo

I wrote three stories in February (although AO3 keeps insisting I posted one of them on March 1...

Introduction to Western Literature
Clint/Natasha, PG-13
In the beginning, books and reading are the only things Natasha has in common with the rest of SHIELD.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Black Leather and Granny Glasses
Diaz/Santiago, NC-17
Santiago is missing a date because Peralta's gotten them stuck at the precinct overnight. Diaz makes it up to her. A missing scene from "48 Hours."

Sleepy Hollow
Devil Take My Soul
Abbie/Ichabod, NC-17
A lot of things can happen when two people are snowed into a cabin together.

In other very happy news, I finished a draft of my wipbigbang. It's a rough draft, like, sandpaper rough. I don't even want to think about the amount of editing I need to do before I even send it to beta. But, hey, 9K words of Bruce/Darcy is one step closer to being off my hard drive and out into the world.

I also got a gen prompt bingo card. Feel free to prompt if you have some ideas!

Hurt / Comfort Deities and Followers Snow and Ice Trade Winds Enemies
Give us this day, our daily bread Australia Unreliable Narrator Weather Colombia
Thunder and Lightening It Wasn't Meant to Be Wild Card Woobies Loss of Faith
Heirs Steadfast Behind Every Great Man There's a Great Woman Philippines Je ne regret rien (I regret nothing)
The Pursuit of Happiness Feudal Ties / Master and Servant Self-sufficient Internet / Social Media Indefatiguable