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A new challenge

I signed up for a prompt table at sacred_20. All of the prompts are related to religion (mostly Judeo-Christian), but you are free to explore the prompts in a non-religious way. Claims are not exclusive, and there are no deadlines. In short, a very appealing challenge! The prompt table I chose is below.

01. Communion. 02. Repent. 03. Mazel Tov. 04. Prophet. 05. Silence.
06. Priest. 07. Revelation. 08. Covenant. 09. Pilgrimage. 10. Benediction.
11. Heaven. 12. Hell. 13. Crusade. 14. Karma. 15. Temptation.
16. Exodus. 17. Lamentation. 18. Redemption. 19. Writer's Choice. 20. Writer's Choice.