I have been adopted... a cat, which is actually kind of a problem because my fiance is weay too allergic for us to have one in the house.

When I came home this evening, I heard piteous crying at the end of the driveway. I got down on my knees and called "here kitty kitty," and a little gray tabby was immediately twining around my ankles and purring. Obviously she had been someone's cat before, and obviously she had been lonely for a long time. I petted her for awhile and then she wandered around the porch, purring just because she was close to me. I got her some leftovers from the fridge, and she devoured them -- adorably, of course. She was tyring to meow and purr and eat all at once, and she couldn't do it. By then I was on the phone with my fiance, crying and telling him I couldn't let the cat freeze to death tonight and clearly she had CHOSEN us to be her protectors. Luckily he agreed, so I fixed her a box in the garage, which is still pretty cold but at least protected from the wind.

And then commenced the difficult work of actually getting her to stay in the garage. As soon as I started to close the door, she would freak out and bolt. The first time, I thought it was because she didn't want to be enclosed, so I put her box in the corner of the porch. Then she just sat in the window and cried, so I brought her back into the garage again. Getting the door closed took about half an hour. She'd run out, I'd coax her back in, close the door a little more, coax her back inside, etc. etc. until the door was finally closed. I played with her till she started grooming herself, but as soon as I went in the house, she started crying again. I thought it would stop, but instead she just went in the crawl space and cried underneath the living room floor. So I went out and petted her some more, and this time she got in her box and went to sleep.

I figure this situation has one of two outcomes. One, she bolts out of the garage tomorrow morning and periodically appears and disappears, in which case she's always welcome to leftovers from my fridge and a warm spot in the garage if she needs it. Two, she actually has adopted me, in which case I'll take her to the vet, let her live in the garage, and otherwise treat her as my cat until I find her a more suitable home with people who are not allergic to cats. I'm actually kind of hoping for number two because she has a scrape on her back that obviously isn't healing because she can't leave it alone. I can't really see taking her to the vet for treatment if she won't stick around for me to administer medicine and check bandages and such, and I really don't want it to get infected.

Poor kitty. Poor me. I would love to keep her, but I just can't.
This exact thing happened to me in August, except that my found kitty was a little bit tamer and didn't keep trying to bolt. I kept her on my porch for six weeks and then a very good friend needed a kitty, so now I get to still see her and that is perfect. I'm allergic to cats, and felt a lot better after she moved out, but that sound of sad kitty is impossible to resist.

Best of luck to you!
Oh, poor sweet kitty! I want to snuggle her all day! I'm so glad she found you and that you're able to help her. A warm box in a sheltered garage is definitely better than out in the elements! Poor kitty, so lonely. :(

Maybe she will get used to the garage once she sees that you come back consistently. I hope she sticks around long enough to get fixed up and that you're able to find her a forever home. Maybe she is a miraculously allergen-free cat! Hope the right solution presents itself. Poor all of you! That's a tough situation! But kitty snuggles make things easier.