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My one sentence reaction to Sherlock episode 3

So John married Natasha Romanov?

Okay, here's another sentence: I wish the evil Dutch man were Irene.

All right, fine, more sentences: I love Sherlock's mind palace. I love seeing his relationship with Mycroft, and how Mycroft is such an important figure in his life, guiding him and directing him even in his own mind. I love that Sherlock knows he's a little boy, and I like that Janine got him back for what he did. Next season, real mysteries please?
> Next season, real mysteries please?

Amen to that, sister.

You're much more restrained in your reaction. I felt really betrayed by the horrible ending of ep3, where Sherlock can't figure out a blackmailer with no proof is no threat. I do hope they get on track with S4, whenever it is, because I really don't want John & wife running around arguing with Sherlock who's not really solving mysteries. Full tirade at my LJ, but only go if you're upset. Otherwsie, savor what you like!