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Reactions to various fannish things

1. Sherlock: I liked episode two way, way better than episode one. I got what I wished for, which was Sherlock telling John how much he cares. I laughed out loud so much during the best man speech that my fiance thought I was watching kitten videos. Also, how much to I love Sherlock's character development here? Spending two years away softened him, but he's still so much himself. I loved his attempt to do everything right, and how it's clearly an alien task, but he's trying. The bizarre calculations for the stag night, the not-so-veiled threats to Mary's's sort of like my favorite Sherlock fanfic. I also really empathized with the anxiety running underneath all his wedding preparations. He is obviously so very scared that he will lose his best friend.

Here's the weird thing. Two years ago, if you asked me if I wanted series three to be more about the characters' relationships and less about solving mysteries, I would have said YES. Now that I have that, I kind of miss the old Sherlock. I miss the buddy dynamic with John (and okay, I even miss their UST a little bit). And I really, really miss seeing them run around for a whole episode trying to solve crazy mysteries. I wish there were an episode about John and Mary and Sherlock solving a mystery together...and I kind of want to write a story about that except (a) I am horrible at plotty mysteries (b) I am absolutely terrified of how fandom is reacting to Mary. I assume it's unbridled hatred.

I haven't seen ep 3 yet, so please don't spoil me!

2. As much as my inner Harry/Hermione shipper wants to believe that JKR interview is real, I really don't think it is. I mean, look at the source. Has anyone ever even heard of that website before? When JKR has made major disclosures about canon in the past, it's been in a heavily publicized interview with a major newspaper, not some phantom interview with Emma Watson. If the article were really true, there would at least be a link to the rest of the interview. It does make me want to finish my long-dormant Ron/Hermione break-up fic though.
I've only seen positive reactions to Mary so far, which pleases (but does surprise) me. I'm with you, though; I'd love to see more emphasis on the solving of mysteries.

About the interview: Real or not, it doesn't matter; Rowling's opinions about her work are interesting, but they have no bearing on canon for me (I'm a Reader-Response critic). I don't understand the flap about her talking about her own story (not from you, but elsewhere, people are losing their composure in myriad fora); it doesn't change anything—that's what fan fic is for!
I do like Mary, btw. I'm just really surprised so many other people do, what with her being a potential impediment to slash. :P
About Mary...that's a pleasant surprise! I've been in so many slashy fandoms where people turn against every female character that might possibly disrupt their favorite boy pairing.

And yeah, I don't really get why everyone has their knickers in a twist. JKR is entitled to comment on her own work, but it doesn't change what's actually written in the books. Hermione/Ron never made a lot of sense to me, and it's always pleasing to think that a creator agrees with your opinion...but yeah, shouldn't be a game changer for anyone.
Now that I've seen the third series, I understand better why people aren't fussed about Mary. Must re-watch everything soon!
> I really, really miss seeing them run around for a whole episode trying to solve crazy mysteries.

Me, too. What makes Sherlock unique is the mysteries. It's so much a part of his character, you can't really get too far away from it. So glad you liked ep#2!
Hopefully they will go back to that next season. I thought this season was sort of like, 'Sherlock Holmes, Action Hero.' Which was fun in that it closely resembled a lot of fanfic, but didn't really play to their strengths as story tellers.
People accepting Mary is certainly a pleasant surprise! Every slash-heavy fandom I've been in, so many people automatically hate on any woman who could disrupt their favorite pairing. Glad that Sherlock fandom isn't playing out that way!

I like Mary too. I've seen episode three basically John married Natasha Romanov?