Prompt me, please!

Remix is actually happening this year, and my goal is to qualify in at least one new fandom. To that end, I'd like your prompts for the following:

-Buffy (not Angel, which is a separate fandom in the world of remix)
-Sleepy Hollow
-Agents of SHIELD (not that I've actually written in this fandom...yet)

You guys know me. I am most likely to write gen and het, I like lady characters, and good luck coming up with a slash pairing that I can write. Prompt away!

In other news, the Harry Potter Mental Health Fest looks nifty. Here is the prompting post. Not gonna lie, there are some problematic prompts, but there are also some really great opportunities for sincere and honest stories about mental health problems. There's a prompt I want so bad I'm about to just start writing the story.
Oooh, Buffy!! Here are some ideas:

1) Giles as a young man when he first joins the Watchers' Council - what does he think of them? Does he see them as total aged wankers, or is he overawed by their age and experience?

2) Anya/Giles - I don't know why but I like the two of them, maybe because she's always trying so hard to be human and he's trying so hard to be English. Maybe Giles goes off to Sweden (Anya's home turf) to hunt a demon, is trapped, and Anya has to rescue him. Or Giles goes off to Sweden on holiday and Anya, hurt by Xander's leaving her at the altar, goes off to Sweden to recover, and they run into each other. She loosens him up a bit, and he offers her stability and wisdom.

3) Spike/Drusilla in an earlier era, maybe America in the Roaring 20s or Nazi Germany (Spike would be a big hit there with his Aryan looks!).

If you want a crossover, I'd love to see Buffy and Giles (or Buffy and Spike!), show up at Hogwarts; I see Hermione a bit out out by Buffy's kick-ass-ness, Harry a bit lustful, Snape more than a little suspicious, and Dumbledore amused by the whole thing.