avengers: natasha rolling hating

This is a good week in fandom!

1. Remix is happening this year! laurificus has confirmed it officially in remixers_lounge. You guys, this is my favorite fannish event in the whole wide world. I don't even know how to describe how happy it makes me to wonder which story will get remixed this time around. Speaking of, I feel the urge to qualify in more fandoms. I need Buffy and Sleepy Hollow and Elementary promopts, stat!

2. Speaking of remixes, my avengersremix story is finished and sent off to beta. It is the most out-there remix I have ever done, but my remixee's tastes are so different from mine that I thought I was going to have to default. I'm super proud I got it done.

3. I signed up for wipbigbang so I can finally finish that Darcy/Bruce story that's been in my docs folder for more than a year. I already started a new scene!

4. I also started a story where Natasha talks about books with various SHIELD people, and it makes me happy because (a) books (b) it's been ages and ages since I've had a random idea for a story and just started writing it. So far, Natasha has read Lolita, The Handmaid's Tale and The Hunger Games (which is Clint's favorite book by the way). What else do you think she should read?
Yes, any prompts for Buffy. Well, almost any. I'm more likely to write things that can be accomplished in short fics and long elaborate ones. And no Angel for now -- Remix has always counted them as separate fandoms in the past.

Hm...Agatha Christie would be good, but I'd have to read her first. Same for Hitchhiker's - I haven't read that one since middle school. Good ideas though!
Dammit. That's a really good idea, and I haven't read any of her books recently enough to remember them well...
Or Natasha completely not getting Pratchett while everyone else tells her to read disc world. Or her seeing parallels between Tony and Jarvis and Calvin and Hobbes...
I second LeGuin, yes. Good excuse to read them again, eh? Do you want them to be books that everyone will have heard of? What about Jane Austen, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Scarlet Letter, Alice in Wonderland, Tolkien.

Have you read any Sheri Tepper? She might be a good one -- The Gate to Women's Country or Gibbon's Decline and Fall. Or Elizabeth Hand's Waking the Moon.

It would be funny if she and another character discovered they had the same "guilty pleasure" junk reading habit -- maybe Barbara Cartland!

Sun Tzu's "Art of War" or Clausewitz's "On War" might make for amusing conversation. Or Machiavelli :)