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December/January Masterlist

Because I am making good on my resolution to write more without judging myself on whether it's good or not.

Family Is (Mostly) for Children - Maria, Natasha, Clint, Phil, Fury
Maria thinks she knows the meaning of a bad day at work...and then Clint Barton brings in Natasha Romanov.

Loved and Never Really Lost - Willow/Tara, Dawn
Five ways Tara could have survived, and one way she did. Warning for death/grieving and references to suicidal ideation.

Like a Prayer - Tara
There are demons in the world, but not the kind with claws and horns. Warning for brief references to self-harm.

Harry Potter
Past the Ones I Used to Know - Lily
In the last moments of her life, Lily remembers the people who matter. Warning for character death.

Sleepy Hollow
Comfort Food - Abbie
Who says good home cooking isn't a weapon in the war on evil?

Star Trek
Christmas Adventures in Spacecraft Thievery - Gaila/Sulu
If you can't be with your family at Christmas, stealing a space shuttle is definitely the next best thing.