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Fannish Miscellany

Watching Sleepy Hollow always gives me a little thrill because I would never, ever in a million years been allowed to watch that when I was a teenager. I mean, I might have watched it anyway, but I would have gotten caught. And then there would have been a serious conversation about Jesus and End Times and how Satan can definitely get into your head if you watch too much garbage.

I think the very best stories come from making it look like the characters cannot possibly win, and Sleepy Hollow has definitely achieved that. Crane is buried, Abbie is trapped in a dollhouse in purgatory, Irving is in jail, and Jenny looks dead. Also, the second horseman has been unleashed. My money says that either Jenny is the hero, or Macy is. God, how much would I love for it to be Macy?

I feel like a sucker because I didn't see Henry's betrayal coming. I mean, I always thought he was creepy and wondered if it was a good idea for Abbie and Ichabod to hang out with him, but he was starting to grow on me. I think the show did a good job making it plausible that he would be Jeremy, but still making it a surprise.

And of course, the show still pushes all my nostalgic BtVS buttons. An episode started with, "the apocalypse is coming today." I felt like I was back in the library with Giles and the Scoobies.

Thanks to your tips about Hulu, I also caught up on Agents of SHIELD. It is still kind of meh, but more enertaining? I think the problem is that ABC wants the show to be too mainstream, so instead of being quirky and campy and fun, it feels generic.

I was a little underwhelmed by all the "please let me die" business, but agree that keeping Phil alive for 8 days was creepy. I'm more bothered by the extreme illogic of it -- SHIELD has the tech to bring people back from the dead? And they've just been sitting on it? Also, I don't really understaand Fury's motivation. He never seemed all that invested in Phil beyond thinking he was a good agent, nor has he seemed particularly diabolical to me. So it doesn't make sense to me that he brought Phil back out of guilt or loyalty, or that he brought Phil back for eeeeeeeeeevil. I liked my old headcanon better, that the Avengers made some fucked up deal with Loki in exchange for Phil's life.

I did like Skye's reaction to her past (if not Phil's cheesy retelling of it), and I'm intrigued that May felt it necessary to reveal that she's sleeping with Ward. That's a situation I want to know more about.

It is better not to think about the logic of the superstorm episode. I am 110% sure that you cannot safely land a jet in the middle of one though.
Now that you mention it, what Phil really needs is a fucked up sexual relationship with a vampire. That is clearly the best way to recover from an undesired return from the afterlife.
Considering he'd been dead for days, we still don't know what bought him back in the first place. I don't buy that science alone did that part. It sounds more like a monkey's paw situation that they fixed through science.
That would be a good way to think about it, especially so I intend to ignore canon and substitute my own reality :)