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So I watched the first episode of Sherlock...

Of the new season, that is. I had to wait and do it the legal way since iPads aren't much good for pirating...

Okay, I did like a few things. I think Mary is neat. She's snarky, and words cannot express how happy I am that the writers did not immediately create a competition between her and Sherlock. Sherlock doesn't criticize her either, which is a big step considering the disdain with which he's treated John's other girlfriends. I do wish she'd gotten a little more to do. She recognized the skip code, so surely she could have been part of the investigation?

I also liked the dynamic between Sherlock and Mycroft. In seasons past, I've thought Mycroft was creepy as fuck. This time, he seemed like a human being who suffers human problems, like loneliness. I liked hearing more about their childhood, and I like that Sherlock is the one who initiated the conversation about spending too much time alone.

Here's what I really, really didn't like: the show spends a lot of time demonstrating how Sherlock has developed as a character. He doesn't regard Mary as an adversary; he actually seems to get why John would want that kind of companionship. He treats Molly as a real person and expresses gratitude for how much she helped him. He goads Mycroft about his lack of healthy human companionship.... All that, and he still treats John like shit and gets away with it. His apology to John is not half as sincere or convincing as his gratitude toward Molly. He told a lot of people about his "death" (I had always imagined nobody except Molly, and perhaps Mycroft, knew) but he never even attempted to contact John? Because John might have given him away? Seriously, the one person that Sherlock ever cared to share his work with, and he thinks that John is that much of an idiot? If he really was trying to protect John, fine, but pretending otherwise is still assinine and not in keeping with the character growth Sherlock has demonstrated toward Mary, Molly, and Mycroft. And that thing on the train? Holy shit, that is manipulative as fuck and creepy as hell. And John just thinks it's funny? Please. I would have so much preferred for them to both think the bomb was going to explode, BOTH have a sincere exchange of feelings, and then find out that Mary had followed them and called the bomb squad. Or have their roles reversed, maybe. John had called the bomb squad all along, but he doesn't tell Sherlock, and Sherlock makes a desperate confession of how much he cares about John. Maybe Elementary has spoiled me, but I kept thinking "Joan would never put up with this shit."

Also, the mystery made no sense whatsoever. It was like they wanted to write an episode about Sherlock and John, and then they realized there had to be case, so they inserted some vague references to terrorism. So Sherlock watches people and when they're weird, he figures out they're connected to a terrorist cell? Please. Either ditch the mystery or put some effort into the writing. And let's not even talk about the bizarre stunt with John and Guy Fawkes Day. Why not just tie him to some railroad tracks and be done with it?

I haven't seen eps 2 and 3 yet, so no spoilers please!

In other news, I'm done with SHIELD. I don't want to be; I was actually enjoying it in a brain candy sort of way. But now the ABC app won't show me the latest episodes unless I have cable. Because having cable is now a pre-requeisite for watching network TV? I don't have a TV, assholes. If I can't watch it online, I'm not watching it at all. Way to lose a viewer.
Just a quick drive-by comment--you can watch Agents of Shield on Hulu. You need Hulu+ to watch it on devices like iPads but you can watch it on your computer for free. ABC still blows for that app thing, though.
Thank you for the tip!

I think networks are feeling panicky about streaming services because they know they're becoming a substitute for watching regular TV. Even so, I don't understand giving up customers -- they put ads on their streaming shows too, and I'm not about to get cable in order to watch network TV.
Yeah, I agree he never really told the truth about how he survived. (Although the way the possible explanations were inserted in the episode was pretty jarring.) I'm just not really comfortable with how he treated John though -- it just doesn't seem consistent with the rest of his characterization. I'm going to download the next episode tomorrow. Hopefully it will be better!
Do you have Hulu or Amazon Prime?

They both have it. Also, if you can trick your computer into thinking it's Canadian, watch it live streaming or download it from sources...

Marvel seems bent on pissing people off this week. They are also no longer sending single issues to booksellers, only comic book stores...

Which means I will be reading a lot less comic books from now on.

P.S. Can you lie and say you have cable or do they ask for a user name and stuff like the Fox crap*?

*Fox won't let me watch stuff online because I don't have the RIGHT cable company for them.

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I was able to watch it on Hulu...which requires a subscription for iPad, but at least it's pretty cheap!
A lot of networks are doing that! Ugh. So frustrating. We have a television but no actual tv stuff. But we watch Netflix and Hulu +. I never watched anything on Hulu before AoS but Husband keeps up with other shows. I was watching White Collar online for awhile but they pulled the same thing. I don't HAVE cable which is why I want to watch this online. Whatever. Someday soon people will stop paying a hundred plus dollars a month for cable and tv networks are going to have to figure something out. Times are a changing. (I never spent all that but I don't watch hbo or sports so their fancy channels never appealed to me.)

Also, I adore FitzSimmons. They've really grown on me.
I think lots of traditional TV channels (cable and network) are feeling very threatened by streaming they are trying to protect their market share by insisting that you have cable in order to access their streaming. In the long run, that's only going to alienate customers like me though. I did have cable before I bought house, but only the basic package. But even when I had it, there was never anything I wanted to watch. That's when I decided that Netflix was a much better deal!
I think you captured the strengths and the weaknesses of the episode well. I fear that the writers were more into manipulating the audience than really sitting in the shoes of each character and saying, What would this person think now? Why are they doing what they're doing?

I agree, Sherlock not contacting John without the threat of "John instantly dies" makes no sense. Also, book Sherlock kept track of John enough to know John's wife had died, and instantly offers him solace. This TV Sherlock doesn't even know John left Baker Street.

After getting so many things right in S1 & S2, they got a little twisted up in S3. It's still good television, but it's not the level that it was, alas. Not as consistent-- I think the time crunch they were under to sandwich Sherlock in between other commitments and movies shows.