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Buffy Fic: Loved and Never Really Lost (Tara/Willow)

So fandom snowflake meme day whatever said to make something new, and some other day asked about fannish goals, so this fic fulfills both. I got the idea from a fandom stocking that asked for Tara surviving, and I realized that the story I wrote was completely inappropriate to fill that prompt, so I decided to finish it just for me. Also, I wanted to fulfill one of my long-standing fannish goals to get Torchwood the hell off my A03 dashboard, and I've finally written enough Buffy stories to do that.

Title: Loved and Never Really Lost
Pairing: Willow/Tara
Rating: PG-13
Content advisories: References to death/grieving, some suicidal ideation
Summary: Five ways Tara could have survived, and one way she actually did
Word Count: 1500

Does anyone know of comms for Buffy fics?
Here from the multi-fandom friending meme
Just dropping in to say I liked this, especially the segment in Chicago (Buffy asking Tara to take care of Dawn, sort of passing the torch that Joyce passed to Buffy, was a nice touch.) I liked the balance of the depiction of the W/T relationship--not glossing over the abusive aspects, but not deciding that the relationship was completely awful, either.

I don't know if you're still interested in posting fic to Buffy LJ communities, but this story could be posted to nha_fic because it involves Willow. There's a small but vocal community of readers there.

For gen fics, there's gen_storyteller, but it doesn't seem to be particularly active.

The other Buffy LJ communities I'm aware of are more of the writing for a prompt/challenge variety. There was talk last year about setting up a community for female-centric Buffyverse fic, but I don't think that went anywhere.