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Favorite things meme

A little something to keep me occupied while I try to finish a WIP...

Give me a category and I will tell you my five favourite things in it. (Examples: colours, songs, books read in the last year, actors whose names start with T, stories I’ve written, stories you’ve written, episodes of Buffy, what have you).

PS - Fandom stocking reveals happened! Am I the only one who didn't realize this for an embarrassingly long time?
5 favorite views from trips you've taken. (So, not just a favorite place that you've been but a favorite view from that place.)
1. The Sacre Couer -- Paris
Paris was the first stop on my first trip out of the United States. A lot of people told me that traveling in Europe for two months was a bad idea, and since the first day of the trip had gone totally wrong, it seemed like they might be right. I got lost on the metro, and then my hostel had lost my reservation. Since it was the middle of the high season, it took me hours to find some place to stay, which was just a room with a couple mattresses on the floor -- and they only had a bed for one night. Going to the Sacre Couer was the first good thing that happened on that trip. I approached it from the back, so I had no idea that it was so high above Paris. When I came around the front of the church, the whole city was spread out before me. I took the trip because so many of the defining moments of my younger life had been negative, and I was still fighting against depression. That moment, when I saw all of Paris and realized I could go anywhere I wanted to, my whole life changed.

2. Treasure Chest Lake, Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan is so undeveloped that people are still nomadic, and a lot of the country can only be traversed by horse. It has an amazing homestay tourist program though -- each city has a local office that pairs travelers with local families who rent rooms for extra cash. One of our hosts told me about a lake up in the mountains where his family took their herds to graze. Getting there took all day by horse. It had been warm on the floor of the valley, but as we climbed higher, the wind became bitingly cold and my muscles ached from a day on horseback. I was just thinking how miserable I was when we turned a corner and a shivering blue lake appeared on the horizon. Mountains towered over it, streams cut across green fields, and the sky above was dotted with fluffy clouds. I don't know if I will ever go anywhere more beautiful.

3. Galata Tower, Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is dotted with random, thousand-year-old structures. Galata Tower is this ancient watch tower sticking up from behind one of the most modern neighborhoods in the city. My fiance and I climbed it together (although then he was still just my boyfriend.) From the top, Istanbul looked like a little toy. On the horizon, you could see the seven hills topped by seven mosques. What makes it so memorable to me was it was the second day of our first trip together, and my fiance almost proposed to me there (but then he decided not to because he was so afraid of dropping the ring over the edge).

4. Phang Nga, Thailand
When I went to Thailand, I booked an overnight homestay in a Muslim fishing village off the coast of Phang Nga Bay (which is where those nailhead-shaped islands in a Bond movie are...if you've seen any Bond movies, which I haven't). The homestay was kind of a dud because it was actually a B&B hotel, and the owners were not especially friendly. The village was gorgeous though; it was built on stilts out on the water, and people actually rolled up the walls of their homes to let in the ocean breeze. Around the edges of the village were walkways that led to little gazebos just kind of floating in the middle of the ocean. I must have sat in one of those gazebos for hours, watching the sun slowly sink beneath the horizon and the ocean water change from bright blue to jet black. I was moving back to the United States in a few days, and I had been planning to come live with my boyfriend -- but he dumped me the day after I quit my job and bought a ticket home. Sitting alone, watching the sun set over the ocean was when I decided I was going to be okay without him.
I've actually been to that very fishing village! I only spent a little while there, since I was on a tour. It was very cool, though.

5. Nisyros, Greece
Nisyros was my favorite place from my trip this summer. It's not in any guidebook's list of top ten must-see places in Greece, but I think that's why I liked it so much. We were able to rent a car really cheaply from some guy who told us to just "leave it somewhere on the island" when we were done, so we spent lots of time driving up and down the road that led to the top of an extinct volcano. Most of the road had a sheer drop down to the ocean on one side, and there were lots of little benches to encourage you to stop in the most scenic spots. One place was completely amazing -- wildflowers half as tall as me were waving in the wind, the sun was setting, the moon was already in the sky, and you could barely see the tops of distant islands emerging from the fog.

Uh sorry, that was probably a lot more detail than you wanted....
Ooh! I want episodes of Buffy! (Sort of cheating to take the listed ideas but I'm in the middle of a full series rewatch and it's on my brain!)

And/or favorite Jossverse characters!
Funny coincidence! The story I'm working on is a Buffy story!

I don't think I can limit myself to just 5 favorite episodes, so how about characters instead...

1. Anya - because extreme literalism is always funny, and tact is just a nice word for not saying things that are true.
2. Faith - because she embraces her powers, because I understand why she did bad things, and because she turned her life around in the end.
3. Dawn - not anyone's favorite character, I know, but she always seemed very, very real to me.
4. Tara - because she's selfless and kind without being a push over
5. Oz - because he's just so cool

Yeah, you can see I watch shows for the supporting characters...
1. Hua Mulan -- because it flies in the face of the American ideals that the individual is always right and breaking orders brings great rewards
2. Star Wars -- because Princess Leia
3. Remember the Titans -- totally bizarre choice for someone who hates football, but I show it to my class at homecoming every year and love it every time
4. Lilo and Stitch -- because I like my Disney movies with offbeat humor, realistically drawn female bodies, and real world problems
5. Little Miss Sunshine -- because I know all the jokes now, but they still crack me up
Favorite Christmas presents (or birthday, if you don't celebrate Christmas).