Looking for inspiration

Does anyone know of a drabble fest or a prompt table floating about? I'm in a writing mood, but I don't want to start a big story when I know I'll be preoccupied by school soon. Said fest or prompts would ideally be for genfic, but I could do het or femmeslash too.

Sonic gave me a free Route 44 cherry limeade today. I rang and rang the order button, and no one answered, so I finally flagged down a car hop and asked if it would be better just to leave. "Yeah," he said, and I looked at him as imploringly as I could and said I'd been thinking about a cherry limeade for hours. "I'll bring you one," he said, and showed up at the car 2 minutes later with the 44 oz. and would not accept payment. I have never consumed a larger drink in my life. No wonder so many Americans are diabetic and obese!

ETA: Here are some of the prompt tables I found.

sacred_20: religiously themed prompts, but you can explore them in a secular way
psych_30: psychological prompts. Look pretty evocative.
30_wounds: what it says on the tin. Kind of makes me shiver to look at the prompts, but I can imagine excellent fic coming from it. Especially if you like writing about Chapel or McCoy.

I only signed up for sacred_20 because they had the most flexible rules, but I think I will unofficially dabble in the other communities as well.

Let me know if you know of any others.
You could try the prompt tables at sacred_20. It's multi-fandom, you don't have to write anything with a spiritual or religious theme necessarily, the minimum word count is 100, there is no maximum. More than one person can claim a fandom or a pairing; in fact, you don't even have to have a pairing, general is good enough to claim. They have four different tables.
I've been contemplating signing up for drabble123; small table of tinyfic only, any fandom.

Yay for the cherry limeade! I haven't had one in months; I've been rationing my soft drink quota, but it sounds really really good right now.