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Five Things to Make a Post

1. I re-watched STID last night. I still love it so much. It's a big shiny action movie, but it's a good big shiny action movie. That scene where the stabilizers are gone and the ship is all tilty and everything is flying everywhere? SO AWESOME. And I don't care what you say about Spock's characterization; I think it is awesome and complex, and his character arc is a cool reflection of Kirk's. Jim is learning how to live by rules, and Spock is learning when to break them. The only thing I don't like is that Scotty actually sounds unwilling to go in the radiation chamber, but I think he would volunteer to save the ship in a heartbeat. I would have liked it better if he were going in and Kirk knocked him out.

2. Um, I got addicted to Agents of SHIELD? I'm not sure how that happened, except that my fiance was gone and I had nothing to watch. And then suddenly I liked it despite knowing that it's really bad? I think the trick is to pretend the plot doesn't exist. Like all that business with the extraction plan and Agent Hand who may or may not be nefarious and evil? WTF. Don't think about it. Just be interested in May's characterization and Ward's gradually more interesting story arc and FitzSimmons being adorable. Then it will all be okay. I think they need to give Coulson a flaw though.

3. I hate how all American media ever thinks that heroes should be lone wolves who break the rules. Like in the SHIELD episode with the extraction plan, it's all THANK GOD SKYE DECIDED TO HACK THINGS SHE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO. Or in Star Trek, it's all "breaking rules temporarily had bad consequences for Kirk, but thank goodness his hotheaded nature allowed him to uncover this conspiracy." Real life doesn't always work that way. That's why I love the live-action, Chinese version of Mulan so much: it's all about how learning to be a team player, putting away personal desires, and accepting authority are the path to becoming a good person and a good leader. The characters in that movie disobey too, but it doesn't always work out for them -- especially if they're just reacting emotionally or only thinking of themselves.

4. Sleepy Hollow is interesting again. I want Ichabod to leave more "missives" on Abby's iPhone. Also, I think Abby is incredibly hot and I could stare at her boobs all day.

5. Our family has had some bad cancer news this week, so I've been thinking of my last memory of my Papa. He had been sick for years. He didn't want us to see him when he was so sick, so I didn't see him in the months before he died. But on the night he passed, I just woke up and knew. I told him that I knew he had to go and that I would miss him, and I promised that I would never touch a cigarette for as long as I lived. (His cancer was caused by years of smoking.) I remember being sad, even crying a little, but I mostly remember how peaceful I felt. When my mom woke up me up in the morning to tell me he had passed, I had to stop myself from saying "I know." I really do believe he visited me on his way to wherever he was going, and because of that, I know that we have souls that live beyond our bodies and pass into other worlds.