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1) Link me to your fest sign-ups! I didn't sign up for any holiday exchanges other than Yuletide, and now I'm kind of sorry about that. If you didn't sign up for anything either, you can just leave some prompts. Please drop off requests here.

2) So someone wrote me an amazing story for avengersfest and it is not getting nearly enough love! It is over 20K words of beautifully characterized Tony/Pepper back story, in which Tony is in a very vulnerable situation when Pepper is first hired as his assistant. I like the way the author develops trust and closeness between them, and the distinction between Tony's public and private personas makes a lot of sense. It's a different take on them than I've seen before, and I like it a lot!

Vanilla Orchids - or - How The Pepper Got Her Name (21211 words) by Anonymous
Summary: Tony Stark, recently raised to CEO of his late father's multinational corporation Stark Industries, has refused all contact with his business partner Obadiah Stane for more than three days. Replacing the personal assistant who quit only a few days prior, Stane sends someone from his own staff to take over - a no-nonsense, capable, bright young redhead by the name of Virginia Potts who is sure she knows everything she needs to about the company's resident problem child. But what she finds on her arrival quickly disabuses her of anything she had ever known about Tony Stark, leaving only her job description to guide her.</p>

3) Heads up - AO3 is not sending gift notification emails to avengersfest participants when their gifts are posted. You might want to scroll through the comm every once in awhile to see if your story is up. I almost missed mine!