Was the last episode of SHIELD actually good?

I wasn't expecting to like it, but I wanted something to watch tonight For one, I was actually entertained. I thought the rogue agent plot was interesting, and I actually didn't see the twist that she was being controlled by someone else. May is still my favorite. I could watch her be stony-faced and solitary all day! Also, I am finding the FitzSimmons entity less annoying and more amusing. As others have pointed out, Ward is way funnier when he is being trolled by people who need to pee. Coulson only has, like, two facial expressions, which I think is going to limit his character development in the long run. Still, I was intrigued by the little glimpses of his back story ("I'm not the person I used to be") and the suggestion that SHIELD did something bad to him ("No, really, what did they do to him?"). I hope they don't drag out that mystery for ever and ever, but I am glad they didn't give him a get-out-of-death-free card.

I do find some of the casting decisions racially problematic. I think the show falls into the same trap that a lot of shows do: most of their lead characters are white, and they realize that's not a good thing. Then they say, "okay, we need more diversity," but the available guest roles are primarily the villains. Thus, you end up repeating harmful tropes in which people of color are at best disposable cast members, and at worst portrayed as out of control, dangerous, controlled by others, or evil and seductive.

In other news, I started writing an original story for the first time in, well, ever. Or almost ever. I have a pact with my English students that I'll do whatever work I assign to them, so when we made a class creative writing blog, I dutifully submitted my stories. I am surprised by how well they went over! I definitely want to add on to one of them, and I may post it here after I'm done. I'm really enjoying writing them. I've missed writing in fandom, but playing with other people's characters isn't as stimulating as it used to be. I'd forgotten how good the creative process feels.

I have emojis on my iPad! ⭐️❤️💫🐙🍒
I have a pact with my English students that I'll do whatever work I assign to them

That's so awesome! I wish my English teachers had done that!
Way to go writing original stuff! I'm doing way more of that, too, these days and it can be so rewarding. And what an admirable thing to do as a teacher! :) *hearts and stars in my eyes*