spock: logic is sexy

Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for my story! I already know that I will love it! My first request is that you write something that you will genuinely enjoy creating. With a few exceptions, which I'll explain below, I am flexible about what I read. Chances are, if you enjoyed writing your story, I will enjoy reading it. I love all the fandoms, characters, and scenarios I requested, so please don't feel that there's one thing I want more than all the others or that I'll be disappointed if you don't deliver it.

Here are a few specific things I enjoy:
(1) Ladies in the spotlight. Female protagonists always make me happy, and I particularly like stories in which a female character rescues a man/saves the day/saves the world, and stories where a female character is physically or emotionally protective of a man.
(2) Characters feeling scared or insecure on the inside but being total BAMFs anyway
(3) Bittersweet endings
(4) Logic, especially in the form of Socratic dialogue or ethical debate
(5) Characters who do not fully understand their emotions and/or do not express them easily. Related to this, I love stories where characters have to work out problems in friendships or romantic relationships.
(6) Characters who are flawed but still sympathetic. (Could be one of the "good guys," could be a villain whose motivations we can understand.)
(7) Back stories
(8) Character studies (and characterization that is consistent with canon)
(9) Small slices of every day life. I'm always fascinated by characters' daily routines, or the terrible, awful, no-good morning when everything goes wrong.
(10) Unique and interesting settings and stories where characters get to travel the world.

Here are a few things I'd rather not receive:
(1) Wacky AU's (everyone owns a bakery/is in a rock band etc.)
(2) Extreme angst / woobification
(3) PWP (sex is great so long as it advances the plot or characterization, but no kink please)
(4) Crackfic
(5) Fluff

Sleepy Hollow
This is a genfic fandom for me. I love Abbie and Ichabod's friendship, but please please please do not add romance or UST to the equation. I'm dying to knkow more of Abbie and Jenny's back story, and Ichabod being confused by the 21st century never gets old. I'm also interested in how Abbie deals with loss. Her parents are gone, her friend Andy tried to kill her, the Sheriff is dead and also lied to her about her sister -- she's been through a lot in a few short episodes. Given that she's not an emotionally open person, how does she process (or suppress) her grief, and how does Ichabod help her with that? I would also be intrigued by friendship between Ichabod and Jennie. How would Abbie react to that, and could Ichabod help make peace between them?

I love Joan and Sherlock as friends, but I love stories where friendship gradually turns into something more, especially if it catches them both by surprise. I am especially interested in times when Joan is emotionally vulnerable (whether she admits to it or not) and how Sherlock supports her (even if his efforts are odd and not quite right). For whatever reason, I also really love Joan/Bell, and if that relationship doesn't work for you, their friendship would be interesting too. I'm disappointed that Alfredo hasn't had more to do on the show, so seeing him in action as Sherlock's sponsor or helping to solve a case would be great. Back story for Bell or Alfredo would also be good.

Hua Mulan
It is very, very important to me that any stories in this fandom remain true to the values in the film. This is nothing like the American Mulan. It's not a story about finding yourself or bucking the system -- it's about recognizing that we are all bound by larger responsibilities, and being a good person means subordinating your personal desires to a greater good. Because of that, I do NOT want to see Mulan and Wentai together (and I would not want to see the Rouran Princess killed to make it okay for Mulan and Wentai to be together). Some possible scenarios: (1) Mulan's father dies not long after she returns home. Marrying and staying in the village wouldn't make her happy. What does she do with herself. (2)The Rouran Princess knows Wentai isn't going to love her. How do they build a friendship instead? (3) Tiger's life flashes before his eyes before he dies. What does he see? Is he bitter? Contented? Proud?

Orange is the New Black
I am fascinated by the supporting characters on this show. Poussey and Taystee are my friendship OTP, and the conversation they had after Taystee came back melted my heart. I'd love to see more conversations like that between these two. Neither of them seem like they open up about their feelings a lot, so I'd love to see how they gradually built trust between them. I also have a soft spot for Suzanne -- has she ever had a real friend to lean on? It seems like her parents really love her -- what experiences did she have before she made it to their family, and how does she relate to them?