Fun things to read

(1) I indexed all the responses to the drabble prompts I made at where_no_woman last week. I was going to make a rec post too, but the quality of the responses is so unbelievably high that I couldn't choose. Well, actually, I choose one, this Jocelyn story by oldcountrydoc. Leonard's a bit of a bastard in it, but in a very human way, and although the story is mostly from Jocelyn's POV, the characterization is good enough that you can imagine things from his side too. But really, I rec everything written for the entire challenge.

(2) The challenge isn't closed, so if reading the responses makes you want to write something, please do! I'll do a final index in another week.

(3) Making drabble prompts is incredibly gratifying and fun. It's kind of like hosting your own personal kink meme. The quality of responses is usually very high, and I've made new friends both times I've written prompts. The cool thing about where_no_woman is that any community member can start a drabble challenge post any time they want, so long as it's at least one week after the previous challenge. That would mean someone could post new prompts tomorrow. In other words, I think that at least one of you should go write more drabble prompts for the community.