avengers: maria hill

The obligatory Agents of SHIELD reaction post

Short summary: the pilot episode feels pilot-y.

I found Coulson a more appealing character than expected to. All the fangirling directed toward him has always annoyed me a bit, but I really liked his wry authority, snark, and the hint of warmness underneath. The first half of the episode was my favorite part because it had the self-awareness and mocking dialogue I associate with a Whedon show. "Sorry, this corner was just so dark I coudln't resist" = best line ever.

Unfortunately, I think the best character on the show was J. August Richards, who is apparently not scheduled to come back. He had the depth and personality and complexity (and probably the acting chops) that were missing from all the other characters. Of everyone on the show, he is the person I most want to know more about. Skye has potential, but I could see a writer earnestly trying to pen her character in every line she spoke. She came across as a construct, not a real person. I agree with everyone else's assessment of Ward: white douchebags with mysterious, troubled pasts are boring. Put your stock character back on the shelf, please! Melinda May interested me most, but of course, she got the least screen time. Hopefully that will change in the future. I am indifferent to the Fitz-Simmons entity.

Overall, the show had a polished Hollywood blockbuster feel to it that turned me off, but pilots are always weird. At worst, I think the show will be mindless fun for my Tuesday nights, but given a little time, it might transform itself into something better.

I was going to write some thoughts on Elementary too, but I don't really have anything to say except that it's still my favorite. I keep catching myself comparing other shows to it, like 'oh, this is entertaining, but it has none of the emotional maturity of Elementary.' I can't really even bring myself to be excited about new BBC Sherlock.