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Poking my toe into Yuletide

So I made some nominations for Yuletide. I still find the whole process baffling. I know I selected fandoms that were sufficiently obscure to qualify, but there's this whole elaborate culture around it that I don't really get. Was I supposed to bargain nominations with people? Check a spreadsheet? List things on a spreadsheet? IDK. I don't even know what the acceptance criteria are beyond the maximum number of allowable stories on AO3. Does anything with a small number of stories automatically get accepted?

1. Orange is the New Black

2. House of Cards

3. Code Name Verity

4. Hua Mulan (the Chinese live-action version that I'm obsessed with)
-Rouran Princess

I probably should have noticed that authors have to offer five fandoms in order to play. I really don't know if I have five obscure fandoms to write in.
I find the whole Yuletide procedure very daunting, too, so I haven't participated as a writer. But for a reader, it's great!
As a three-time Yuletide participant: don't worry about all the 'culture' that goes along with it. All you really have to do is what you're already doing - nominate (if you want), sign up, write. All the other stuff is just extra and if you don't want to do it there's nothing wrong with that.

I also think it's generally not as difficult to find fandoms to offer as you might think. I rarely even offer all of the fandoms I request, and I still end up with more than enough every year.

There's acceptance criteria for both ffn and Ao3, since some fandoms are larger on one archive than the other. It's posted on the yuletide_admin community somewhere. All the ones you nominated should be fine though.
I think there'll be a spreadsheet where all the nominated and accepted fandoms are listed. When I sign up, I usually have a few in mind that I can offer, and as I go through the list others occur to me that hadn't before. (Fairy tales, Disney movies, other old movies that I love, favorite songs.)
When you look through the list of fandoms, you'll be surprised by how many you can offer (fairy tales, mythologies, songs, movies you've seen). You'll be fine, and your recipient will be extremely fortunate. *cheers you on*