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The awesome prompt I totally can't work on right now

So I found the best Star Trek prompt ever through syredronning.

So, I just have this image of the hungover, beat-up Jim all the shuttle from Riverside having to step up and be his BAMF self and all the other cadets being like, 'Who ARE you?'

I figure maybe an off world or human xenophobic group takes the cadets hostage (easier to take on incoming cadets on a transport rather than attack the academy or a 'Fleet vessel), and they either end up as prisoners or, after getting away, stranded in the wilderness. Pike is injured, incapacitated or maybe not around at all (headed back to SF early for some reason, IDK) so somebody needs to take on a leadership role. When Kirk tries to, Uhura and Cupcake are like, you think we're gonna take orders from a dumb hick townie, but damned if he actually knows what he's doing.

Using survival skills he learned on Tarsus, his tactical genius, just general resourcefulness, etc., Jim saves the day, much to the other cadets and Starfleet's dismay.

There are genfic prompts on the kink meme?! How did I not know this?! The last time I browsed a kink meme, it was all vampires and werewolves and ass fucking. Anyway, I'm trying not to start writing this prompt because avengersfest is so much more important, and all I have is a bunch of snarky dialogue with no context. But...but...but...I have been devoting a lot of time lately to contemplating how one would escape a kidnapping attempt on a starship. Because, you know, apparently that's what I do with my free time.

Meanwhile, I also found a ton of Elementary prompts. Because apparently you find six other awesome stories to write as soon as you sign up for a fest.
In a non - entitled non - demanding way
I would totally read that fic with huge squee!
*jaw drop*


Please share if you see it filled, because omg yes. [And I rarely (i.e. never with a side of once in a blue moon eclipse) watch the kink memes anymore (perhaps because of the werewolves and vampires ...)]