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Where Good Stories Go to Die

Can someone help me solve this problem? My docs folder has become the place where my stories go to die, and my skin kind of crawls every time I open Pages. I don't even know how to explain it -- it's like all my creativity just withers away. Logical or not, I need a new "space" to work on my fic, but I don't know what that space is. I like typing stories into private LJ entries, I think because I can only ever see one story at a time, so I don't feel sad or overwhelmed about what I haven't finished. That isn't really a good solution though; the LJ autosave feature is not quite trustworthy enough for me to trust a long fic or an exchange gift to it. Anyone have some awesome iPad-compatible solutions?
I think I'll give it a try again! When I first switched to iPad, it didn't work very well, but I think they have made some improvements for mobile users now.
(Um, Hi, long-time lurker and reader of your stories. I hope you don't mind my two cents...)

Depending on your computer and internet connection, Google Docs may not be the best choice. If you're a very fast typist like me, Google docs, has, in the past, eaten entire paragraphs of text because it can't save fast enough.

I've found using gmail drafts to actually be very soothing and more reliable than google docs when it comes to saving drafts. You just have to remember not to accidentally send it.

Other times, there's really no way around writer's block except to do it by hand, with paper and pen.

I use dropbox with any text program on my computer (at the moment, Textmate on OSX) and PlainText on the iPad. It means that I can write things either on my computer or on my ipad... and it saves them and can be accessed from anywhere...
Thanks! Google docs is going to be my first solution, but if that doesn't work, I'll give dropbox a try.
Thanks for the advice! Google docs seems like the best overall solution, but I will keep in mind what you said about the typing. I do type very quickly sometimes.
i also use gmail and just send back to myself. :)

and have you ever tried a voice to print technology?
Is there a stylus-compatible program you can use on iTunes? The act of writing (as opposed to typing) activates different areas of the brain (see this article and this one), so perhaps the actual act of writing (even on an iPad) might be helpful.

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There are apps like that, but I don't think writers block is really the problem -- it's more that my fic needs to live some place that is not with my school stuff and my wedding stuff. It feels wrong somehow for this little secret part of my life to live with the "mainstream" parts of my life, somehow.